Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wardrobe remix - Flashback edition.

I cannot believe I am going to post these for all the world to see, or that it was my idea. I guess sometimes I speak before I think! But yeah, high school was a time of interesting clothing choices for me. These ball photos are the perfect example of that!

The top is a photo from my high school's 7th form ball. I had just returned from a year in the Netherlands and decided not to return to school, but somehow was allowed to go to the ball. I wish I hadn't! I wore a hideous strapless (not a good look for me), beige (and again..) short dress with pink high top chucks and, for some reason, bumble bee antennae. Let's say it was a strange time in my life.
(Also, hehehe at Abraham's long hair!)

The middle is our 6th form ball. I made the skirt in sewing class, simply adored the sneakers and lived in that Glassons top. This is my favourite outfit. Man, I miss those sneakers so bad.

The bottom was in 5th form. I opted not to go to my schools ball, and went to my boyfriend-at-the-time's 7th form ball at the other high school instead. The dress was made terribly by the local dress maker (the bodice hardly fit and was all stretched and out of shape!) but I still love the design. Also, it was Summer and I danced too much before the photos were taken and ended up looking like I was completely wasted in all of them!

Now, to redeem myself after that, I decided to take normal WR photos this week too. This is me on Sunday, going to Abraham's work lunch.
Dress is from an op shop in Te Puke, Belt from the Sallies, tights from Farmers and flats from the Warehouse.
I love this nail polish colour that my friend Philly got me for my birthday, but it is always chipped beyond belief after the first day. I use a top coat but does anyone have any other suggestions to make it last longer?

For more stunning ball photos, head over to Clare's.


  1. Dip your nails in cold water right after you finish painting them - just don't dry your hands too hard hehe

  2. Hah, glad to see I'm not the only one that did the 2-piece thing. It must of been the 'in' thing. Also, wish I'd thought to redeem myself! Love the dress, and the belt. Actually I love all of it.

  3. Hee hee!! So cute! Love the pink number from 5th form :)
    Your 'real' WW outfit is great! I'm always too scared to try belts over my clothes, but I really should give it a go. Must find a belt. Gorgeous engagement ring too! Love it.

  4. Wicked pictures!! Love love love :) Your 'real life' outfit today is gorgeous, what a lovely belt!

  5. I love your engagement ring too! I always like seeing other people's rings...

    I think you look great in ALL the photos and that you pulled off your 7th Form outfit well - I would not have thought those things at all that you mentioned. Those big black beads & earrings look really good on you. And you look like you had a lot of fun each time.

    Love your regular WW entry. Stylish. That belt absolutely makes it!

  6. Your engagement ring is SO pretty! I love it!
    Also, I think you actually look pretty good in all the photos!!!

  7. I love the antennae - very Bjork. Looking good as always, but sorry I can't share anything on the nail varnish front.