Friday, November 19, 2010

A day in the life of.

Inspired by Clare, as I so often am, I decided to document one of my days.  It was much harder than Clare makes it seem. I struggled to take photos of things that weren't food, struggled to find the time to write everything down and also wondered how on earth anyone is going to find my day interesting.
But, just in case you might, here it is:

6:45 - Otto awake and babbling/grizzling. Aesop putting on his dressing gown.

7:00 - We give in and get out of bed. Abraham showers while I make breakfast (marmite toast and weet-bix) for the kids. I also make Aesop's school lunch.
7:20 - Into the shower and then get dressed for the day.
7:45 - Get the kids dressed, quick check of the e-mail/facebook, Abraham leaves for work.
8:00 - Dry/straighten my hair, put the dishes away and put some washing on while Aesop packs his bag. We all brush our teeth together.
8:30 - Drive Aesop to school. Drop him off and head to the vegies shop to buy food for morning tea and Farmers for their big one day sale (two pairs of shorts and a singlet for Aesop and a few little things for Christmas, in case you were wondering!).
 9:30 - To my friend Shelley's house. Haven't seen her in awhile so we hang out with her and her little one (and the little one she does home care for), eat morning tea and chat.

 11:15 - Home again. Otto goes down for a sleep. I eat lunch, read through the updates on my blog reader (92! Holy Hannah! Must consider culling that.) and write a quick blog post.

12:10 - Photograph the goodies for this weeks Croutons update (which will be up later today). Curse the sun for it's inability to make up its mind whether it wants to come out or hide behind clouds.

1:10 - Otto awake, change his bum and give him some lunch. While he is eating I go around the house and have a general tidy, pick up toys, put washing into laundry etc and do the dishes.

1:40 - Hang out washing, debate whether it will rain or not and put some more washing on. Play with Otto outside, digging in the garden, rolling the ball around etc.
2:30 - Drive to pick up Aesop.
3:00 -Home. We all have afternoon tea (spaghetti and cheese on toast) and I do a quick email check.

3:30 - More washing in the machine. Fold and put away a basket of dry washing. Water the garden and lawn.
Boys play outside, Otto in the garden putting dirt in his bucket, and trying to splash in the puddles from the hose, and Aesop practising his climbing.

4:25 - Start making dinner ( honey soy chicken, potatoes and salad).
Also sort out and clean the fridge, wipe down the table, get the washing in and have another general tidy up.
5:15 - Get ready to head to bootcamp.
5:40 - Abraham gets home, too late for me to go to bootcamp. Take sneakers off and, grumpily, eat my dinner. Too annoyed to go out and do any other exercise.
6:30- 10:30 Watch t.v, resize and edit all of my photos for the update, eat a bowl of muesli and generally blob on the couch.
10:30 - Go to bed. Do a few clues on my crossword ( yes, I realise that makes me sound like a Nana!) and doze off around 11.

Phew! I feel both pleased and very exposed. (Also amazed at how much my day revolves around food and internet though I suspected that all along. hah).  Maybe you could play along and even things out a little?


  1. Thanks for sharing! Sounds a lot like my day, only one less little one (hence less work!) and I don't seem to get nearly as much done in a day as you!! Maybe I shall take some inspiration and do a day in our life of these days surely I'll get around to it :)

  2. You do lots of cleaning! Yes, it's pretty much all about food, cleaning, nappies and a bit of internet. Does take a while to write/photo/publish this kinda post aye!? I found it very interesting thank you :)

  3. Hah, I started to take notes on tuesday, got to Lunchtime and gave up. Nobody wants to read "negotiated with my headstrong 2 y.o" every 15 min. oh and "try and distract my teething baby". Maybe one day when life around here is a bit more settled.

  4. i love that you say "tea time" because it sounds so much nicer than snack or whatever. it's funny how all these day to day things NEVER END. there is always cooking, cleaning, kids........and on and on. never a dull moment!

  5. That was real enlightening. Makes my day seem pretty boring in comparison.
    You do an awesome job Rhubarb. I love you.