Thursday, November 18, 2010

List # 20 a bbq with more than 10 people. And a list update.

What: Early evening bbq.
When : Last weekend.
Who: B-side fm djs and families (essentially our 'xmas do'..)
How many : 11 adults, 5 kiddies.
Good times!

So, with another thing ticked off the list and only a month and a half to go, I think a list review is in order.
I've scrapped two of my goals, both knitting ones, so they are in grey like the completed ones, but not crossed out. The 'still to do' goals are in black.

1. Fit into my favourite summer top. - Does up and not super tight- counting this as done!
2. Sew myself at least one DRESS. - Done!
3. Knit myself a cardigan I love. -Am canning this goal. My knitting isn't improving fast enough to spend the dosh, and the time, on a cardi. Stink.
4. Make Abraham a hoodie. - Done! Pictures coming soon.
5. Start sewing to sell again.  - Started this month!
6. List GIANT pile of thing on Trademe. - Have listed around half. Am calling it a day for now.
7. Print the majority of our photos. - have printed about 1/6th of them.. getting there! Still hoping to at least print some wedding photos.
8. Plant a vege garden.Done in februrary Yay!
9. Go to the movies. - Done in March
10. Back up our photos on hardrive/ preserve fruit, make jam.   Done in April. We haven't been able to afford another harddrive yet, this will carry onto my goals for next year, I think.
11. Start blogging again. 01/01
12. Get business cards. - Made my own in June!
13. Buy 2 pairs of decent shoes. - Will order a pair from Willow this week but won't be able to afford another for a little while now.
14. Take Aesop to the zoo. - Done in July!
15. Send (at least) 2 parcels to Amy. - done.
16. Finish at least 2 duathlon type events. - Done!
17. Sort out entire garage. - Done in April! With thanks to Abraham!
18. Finish yoyo quilt. - Done! phew!
19. Earn $1000 through sewing. - done!
20. Have a bbq/dinner with over 10 people. - done!
21. See some live music. - Done Feb.
22. Save over $1000/ have an outdoor movie night  Done!
23. pay off our laptop and buy a new camera. -
24. Sew 10 garments for the kids.
25. Knit Aesop a jumper. - Canning this one too. Will sew him a few instead. He was not interested and my knitting is just not fast/good enough.
26. Make the mix cd to end all mix cds. - Still hoping to get this done!
27. Cover the cushions on the window seat. - Done in August!
28. Get away for a night without the kids! - Not sure how much luck we will have with this one, funds are just too tight to fork out for accommodation. Do you think a romantic night at home, without them, counts?
29. Get mentioned in a magazine. - Does a local news magazine count? But it was about the radio station not sewing!
30. Make most of the gifts we give (this year). - A bit of a continuous goal this one. But going really well.


  1. man, you're so good. I haven't looked at my list for about a month. thinking I'm going to can the whole thing. too much stress when it was meant to be fun, you know?

  2. A romantic night at home CAN be just as good...but you have to plan well. Friday night date night at home?