Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby shower.

Yesterday we went to a lovely baby shower for one of my best friends from high school.
Sarah lives ages and pages away, in Eketahuna, so it was really lovely to see her and her family. She's due to have her second son next month and it's all very exciting!
I remember, when we were pregnant with Otto, everyone asking us what we needed and us telling people that we actually didn't really need much of anything this time round. Sarah has also kept everything from when she had Cheyden and didn't really need anything. I was secretly a little bit pleased about that, buying practical stuff is great, but it's so much more fun when you can just make the fun stuff!
I ended up doing a little of both. I made some little merino pants, from a top I found at the Sallies, and a little envelope neck tee with merino for the ribbing. I got the printed fabric from Spotlight when we were there last week, again with the all over print love! I also couldn't resist making the bubba a wee horse soft toy, every wee one needs his or her own cuddlies!

I was also commissioned to make this lil tee as a gift for Sarah's brother and sister-in-law to give.
All of the gifts were very well received.

I realised, at the shower, that I don't think I had ever really been to a baby shower before the weekend. I mean, when I was part of a coffee group, we would just designate one of our regular coffee meet-ups as a 'shower' if someone was having a baby, but never a specific 'hey, you're having a baby' event! It was both lovely, and a little strange. Having only been to one (very chilled out) baby shower, and never having had one for myself or anything, I'm left wondering how common they really are, and if they tend to be just relaxed get-togethers or if most people go the whole hog and have all the american-style games/decorations/huge number of presents etc. What do you think?


  1. I live in the southwestern United States. I like and appreciate the sentiment behind a baby shower, but honestly, the whole "girls only" thing where everyone sits around and has cake and punch, plays some crazy game, then oohs and ahhs as the momma to be opens all the presents (slowly, so the person elected to record the gift and the name of its giver can keep up) to be a bit exhausting.

  2. I agree with Jennifer... I had a baby shower (minus the cheesy games) and found the present opening bit quite exhausting... But it was lovely all the same - we had a very low-key, high tea event. Next time I would change it up though, and have a boys & girls event. If I bother next time, that is...

  3. I've never been to one, except the kinda-shower-thing organised by my workmates which we had in our morning tea break. not really my thing.

  4. I've had three baby showers! And only 2 kids - I know - bizarre... the bump that turned into our boy got two - one in Rotorua where I was working at the time and one in Auckland (at a Ten Pin bowling alley) where most of my friends were... the latest bump had a baby shower because one of the girls at work REALLY wanted to throw me one at her new house... me being me they were fun/ random (not what the host of the latest expected I think... and bowling when you're 8 months pregnant is kinda tricky!!) I don't think I've ever been to a shower that wasn't my own?! My sister had one with all her young friends who've not got kids - I think that makes a difference?? i.e. where your friends are at in the whole family cycle thing? - I was the first of my friends first time round (so friends had more disposable income?!?) and this time round was in new country with no baby stuff from last time with new group of friends that were all very keen to off-load their stuff they've finished with... both ways/ at all of three showers we got given piles and piles of stuff that we needed (and mountains of stuff that got grown out of before really Used....)... Your presents are gorgeous and I'm sure went down well!

  5. Your stuff is so cool! Love the horse - and that commissioned top is extra amazing.