Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wardrobe Wednasday.

Yes, things have been very quiet around these parts. Sorry, will try to remedy that this week.. but in the meantime, here is what I'm wearing today:

Abraham has the day off so we have been running errands and pottering around.
I'm wearing nana-ish slip-ons from the Warehouse, a wraparound vintage skirt, a black singlet and cardi from Glassons. Also wearing a string of plastic pearls and some vintage sunnies. All-in-all a fairly standard outfit for me.
As a bonus, to make up for last weeks no-show, here's a picture of Abraham's outfit when we went out on Saturday night. He's always saying that one week I should 'do him' so, voila!

He's wearing Doosh jeans, vintage shirt and jacket, Hallensteins sunnies and Bada Bullet shoes that used to belong to my Grandpa.

The reusable bag contains Mac's Gold beer, crackers and hummus. We went out to a local cafe for the annual Playcentre dinner. We're quite new to playcentre (I held off as long as I could, was positive it wasn't my cup of tea, but got talked into it by a friend..) and didn't know quite what to expect, we thought we'd prob be home by around 11. Lo and behold, we had the most fabulous night, eating incredible food, drinking entirely too much, and didn't get home til three in the morning.
Playcentre and I might get along quite well afterall...

Anywho, for more stylish girls, head over to Green Valley Crafts.
I'm off to finish taking photos from the next Felt store update, most of last weeks one flew out of the store (thank you!) so I'm hoping to add a few more things this week.


  1. You look cute, love the skirt and pearls. Can't wait for my croutons necklace, and to see what new stuff you're going to put up!!

  2. Love the skirt. I used to have one almost identical before a flatmate stole it. Well, borrowed and never returned.

    I don't think my wallet can afford for you to update your shop, heh. xx

  3. Gorgeous skirt and outfit! Like the sound of your night out and the contents of that bag!

  4. Oooooh, great skirt. It would go rather nicely with the petticoat I'm wearing in my (late) WW pic!! Looking great! I love the pearls, I'm actually wearing rather a similar pair right now.
    And yay for the unexpected great night out :)

    Here's my late contribution...