Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I'm loving - part 2.

* Ben Talmi - For the dreamers.
Ben Talmi's EP is lovely. Not quite as easy going and dreamy as the album in my previous post, but still fab. It costs just US$1 to download the whole thing (though you can pay more if you want, I think I paid $3.50, the balance of my paypal account..) and I think it is very much worth it.

*My vegie garden.
It's full of lettuce, courgettes, cherry toms, capsicum and broccoli. It's so choc-a-block that I'm getting to the stage where I almost need a second one made. Wonder if I could do it myself?

* 'I am mumma hear me roar' tutorials.
The name of this blog is not my cup of tea, but this tutorial for a refashioned cardi, and a lot of the other tutorials on this blog are wonderful. I find it hard to find sites like these, full of instructions, that aren't also full of cheesy-as-hell clothes. This one has a few things that fit in that category, but also a lot that I actually want to try.

Okay, so even this has been hard. I guess I'm really just not 'feeling' blogging at the moment.

My days are filled to the brim with housework/housekeeping stuff, non-stop walking kids, downloading music for the radio station, attempting to sew enough stuff for Croutons updates, and trying really hard to drop a little weight before Summer. Often, throughout the day I will think 'this would work for an update', take photos and write it all in my head, but then by the end of the day I'm zonked and it just doesn't happen.

I do realise the importance of it though, blogging is my connection to a community the most amazing woman I've ever come across, and belonging to that group is essential for me. Surrounding myself in incredible, inspiring women does wonders for my feelings about myself, my creativity and my mood. I find it very hard to find enough women on a similar wave-length in my 'real-life' community to meet these needs, I'm not sure if it is a small town thing, or whether I'm just not as interesting off-line and therefor don't attract people in quite the same way, or what. But I do know that I need you lovelies 'around', and hopefully some of you feel like I meet those needs for you too.
So, for that reason, please forgive me for not being the best, and most prolific, blogger ever (especially at the moment..)!


  1. See what you did there!!!??? You thought you weren't writing a good post, and you just went and wrote a GREAT post! I love this little community too (and you were the one who made me brave enough to start my own - so there!) xoxo

  2. What a great post!!

    I'm with Clare - we have a pretty sweet little 'gang' of bloggers :) Isn't it wonderful to be able to find like minded folks without being restricted by geography. (speaking of which, we're not that terribly far away from each other in the real world, and I'm always so envious of bloggers in big cities that get to have real life catch-ups...maybe one day we could engineer something!).

    I'm loving the music you put me onto as well - just downloading your latest recommendation now!

    Better continue our watercolour painting extravaganza, just wanted to pop in & say hi :)

  3. Small town thing honey... and I'm allowed to say that coz I KNOW that small town... although being in 'burbs of big ass city doesn't seem to be any better for me right now... and remember relationships (of whatever kind) are always about give and take and your gifts via this blog/ your shop/ etc are LEGEND(honestly can't think of enough or big enough words to describe...) and remember you're allowed to take?!?... hopefully the giving should really be what you want to/ feel happy giving not what you feel obliged to give? (my opinion anyway) - relationships crumble fast under that sort of pressure... I love that you post about crappy moods as well as postive stuff... it is important for us all to remember we are all human and fallible at times... don't worry sweets - if we don't hear from you for a while, we'll savour the return even more! See you at Xmas for a real live hug! xox

  4. "I find it very hard to find enough women on a similar wave-length in my 'real-life' community to meet these needs" ~ You got me with that there line. I know exactly how you feel, and being shy and a little socially inept makes it all the more harder to to seem weird or snobby to people! This is why I love our bloggy community, I feel like I just 'slot' into my little place and fulfill that (I hate to admit) nagging desire to belong somewhere.
    And you my friend are one of the first and one of the loveliest friends I made through blogging and when you're not 'at' it for a while, we know you are still around xx

  5. *not to seem weird.

    I gotta start proof reading properly.

  6. I hear you! Love all your posts, and love having you as an e-friend!

  7. Pfffft! Have you seen MY blog lately? Don't be so hard on yourself. I feel very blessed that I get to hang with you in real life as well as read your cool blog and wear your cool necklace. Yay for you!

  8. You still come up with great posts even though you think you don't! I love and appreciate your honesty and I completely empathize with the sentiment of this post as I often feel the same about connecting with like-minded people who 'get me' too, and I live in a big city with the potential to meet those people and yet never seem to meet many, especially those who also have kids.. You were one of the first blogs I started reading way back when and I appreciate all and any posts you write, so thank-you! x