Thursday, January 3, 2013


Rhiannon's New Year Resolutions:

1. To listen to more music.This one is a non-selfish one.
I want my children to remember their childhoods filled with music, like I remember mine. I want certain songs to represent certain events for them, like they do for me.
Abraham always has music playing when he is home, but I find it hard to have more than one type of noise at a time (i.e children yelling and Adele crooning..) Also just remembering to change the record/start the playlist etc. So this is going to take some effort on my part.

2. To take more pride in my appearance.I do alright. I never leave the house in trackies and  I rarely go without a shower, but I could definitely put in a little extra effort.
Rather than promise myself I'll lose weight, because that never works, I want to work what I have to maximum potential. This means actually reapplying my nail polish when it is all flaking off, getting my haircut more than three times a year and doing something more effective about my increasing population of stray hairs. Hmmph.

3. 'Quality over quantity'.
This is a bit of a blanket resolution. It applies to everything in my life: possessions mainly, but also food, social activity, op shopping etc.
I want to declutter, and also replace some of our household things with nicer, better quality versions. I want to reduce my thrifting to things I truly need or love, and reduce the energy I spend on relationships/social activities that don't bring me joy and satisfaction.

Happy New Year, lovelies!
I'm really excited for 2013. I have a feeling it's going to be excellent.


  1. "Taking more pride in my appearance" is on my list too. I haven't had a haircut in three YEARS. o_O Love your blog Rhiannon xo

  2. sounds good rhiannon! I haven't made any resolutions yet, but maybe I'll borrow yours! Good luck and have a nice one!

  3. What great resolutions. I love the quality over quantity one. It is something I am working on also. Its HARD though. lol Goodluck for yours and I hope your 2013 is amazing.

  4. I love the quality over quantity one too! That's going to be mine!

  5. I totally get the quality over quantity one. In fact I'm TOTALLY stealing it to mae it my 2013 motto. Pregnancy made me focus more on quality because we don't have the room for a baby AND a house full of junk. It's becoming addictive having free space in the house too!

  6. I always have music on, it seems to help drown out the "background" noise :) - but my husband can't stand it (not my music - all the competing noise). I totally get you on the quality thing too!

  7. I like the 'quality over quantity' one too. I have made no resolutions as such but since we moved I've been aiming to clear out big time and live more simply. Our house is so tiny! Hahaha.

  8. Love them :)
    I find I always feel so much better about the day when I feel like I'm looking okay. And yes - quality over quantity for sure!