Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My memory card seems to be full of little snippets at the moment. A photo here, a photo there. Things are so busy that I only manage to snap one or two shots of each activity. Sooo, a wrap up post it is!

On New Years Eve we were lucky enough to meet our new nephew.
Baby Liam was born two months ago, but lives in Auckland, so we were yet to get any snuggles.
I am happy to report, that he is just as delicious in the flesh as he looked in photos. He has the perfect wee 'old soul' frown, and is one of those good, solid bubs who are perfect for smooching. Mollie was quite taken with him, too.
We had a lovely evening with his parents and older brother, too. Love those guys!

Otto's new alter-ego 'Denty'. Picture says it all, really.

So, so much delicious food being eaten around here. Entirely too much of it, but soooo good. It has been bbq mania, as Summer always it. I love the social aspects of barbeques - nothing better than sitting round a table with loved friends or family and, somehow, this seems to happen far more often for us over Summer.

Even Mollie has had a few mouthfuls of food this past week! Not much, mind, but it is a start.
The funny little lady is still not really interested in actual food, but it would appear she is quite fond of sucking potato chips, crackers and Vegemite toast.
(It would appear my parenting ideals are slipping too, the boys didn't have salt at all before the age of one! Heck, Aesop was organic 'til his first birthday - good ole third baby...)

In keeping with our ' quality over quantity' resolution, not many things have entered our house in the past week. The few things that have, have been pretty neat.
The 'Mother' trio was a Sallies find. $5! Who could turn that down? I sorted out my china cabinet to make space for it.
The stereo was a big purchase.
After staying at Rachelle and Mark's place over Christmas, we were determined that we, also, would have a cool stereo. So we just flat out copied, and got one the same (different colour though, that counts for something, aye? hah). Since taking this photo, the turntable has been popped on top, and we have already listened to hours of great music. I'm in love!

I'm not a beach fan, but the rest of the family are.
And well, yesterday was so hot that I gave in and we all ventured over the hill. The water was quite rough, but Aesop ventured out into the waves with his trusty boogie board. Abraham followed, while I stayed by the stream with the littlies.
Mollie had her first play in the sand, and wee dip in the water - She was underwhelmed. Hah. Might be a bit little yet to get overly excited about such things.

What have you been up to?


  1. very cool! I'm in the market for a small stereo for my cleaning missions.. nothings like a bit of music and a boogie while doing the housework!!