Friday, January 4, 2013

Mollie's Chair - 8 Months ( A little late..)

8 Months

So, this post got a bit lost in the
fluster of getting ready for our big trip. But I couldn't very well skip it altogether, so here it is! Voila!
Mollie was 8 months old three days before Christmas.
Mol is well and truly on the move now - crawling like a pro, and pulling herself up on everything she can reach. She is still a little unsteady on her feet though ( thank goodness!) so hoping walking might hold off a little longer.
Actually, truthfully, I'm hoping she's like her brothers and waits til one and a half, but I highly doubt that!
There are still no teeth to be seen, and still no interest in solids. Breastmilk is the only thing passing this young ladies' lips. Actually, that's not quite true - yesterday she did suck on a piece of toast for the first time, I'm just not getting my hopes up. Hah. Both the boys had teeth and were showing down bigtime by 8 months. So funny how different kids can be.

We're winning at sleeping. Not going to jinx it by going into detail!

Mollie adores dancing to music, swinging, hanging out in the boys' room, exploring and anything that involves her brothers.

Couldn't resist also sharing these pictures from Boxing Day. Can you spy a baby mid that amazing Dee*Luxe doll, and that giant piece of broccoli-in-a-dress?


  1. I so nearly bought that broccoli when I was in Ikea! And G and Mol are so similar (except the sleep thing, G still isn't that keen). He has NO TEETH, and was crawling/pulling up at 7 months too. So opposite to Miss E.

    And also, could Mollie get any more cute? I think not!

  2. way too cute!!! super excited for our little miss to arrive!

  3. gosh, she is such a doll xoxo

  4. oh she's so cute! And all the more cuter if she's sleeping more right? I'm super jealous about that doll, it's the one I wanted!!! Good to see it's gone to a good home though :)

  5. Amazing! She is so gorgeous and theres a bit of a cheeky smile in there oo I think! We are sooo not winning with sleeping! I though I would have that down pat 4th time round but personality has lots to do with it, right? right? I'm not just a crap mama? Right? ( He he he)

  6. 8 months?! How can it be? I think a day trip to whk is on the agenda for the near future.