Friday, January 25, 2013

Mollie's Chair: 9 Months

9 Months

I think this past month has been the most full of milestones, yet.
Miss Mollie has gained a tooth! And, with it, an appetite!
Her little chomper is popping through, and Mollie has finally decided that putting things in her mouth is the way to go. From just a few mouthfuls, she is now keen to chew on just about anything. Her firms faves are anything slightly salty, and soy ice cream. Good, healthy choices for a young lass.
(Don't judge me.. she does eat other foods too, promise!)

Mollie is pulling herself up to standing at every chance she gets, and crawling like a champ. Her pincer grip is spectacular, and her pinching one too. (Ouch!)
Sleep is, well, let's just say there is room for improvement.. We'll just leave it at that.

So, my girl, you've officially been out as long as you've been in. We're so pleased to have you x

 Delicious, delicious ankle rolls.

*This is not Mollie's usual chair, I know. But I had this set up for some Croutons photos and I couldn't resist : )


  1. Good god that baby is cute! *smooch smooch*

  2. Arrhhh! Shes simply scrumptious! She has a lovely pair of lips :)

  3. She is irresistible is what she is :)

  4. love her little vintage dresses...she is so cute

  5. She is so gorgeous !!! and your photo's are brilliant !!! Go you