Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas: Round three.

The festive season has been extra good to us this year. We've had three rounds of Christmas.
We had the first, on Christmas Day, with just us and the kids. They had their presents and we all enjoyed some amazing food. Then, we had a beautiful evening at my parents house last week. The kids had their gifts from them, and Aesop handed out the gifts he had chosen for us all. We had a beautiful butterflied lamb and salad, with rhubarb cake and fruit salad for afters. Divine.

On Saturday, Abraham and I had our own wee celebration. The boys went to Mum and Dad's for the night, so we cooked another delicious meal, and exchanged our gifts.
LOVE this whole 'dragging out' of Christmas - totally doing it again next year.

The gifts were wrapped lovingly, and very carefully chosen.

We took turns, undoing bows and revealing treasures. And, oh my, what treasures to be had!

Abraham gifted me the two Adele albums on vinyl, some new knickers, a julienne peeler (I requested this one... he's not making suggestions about getting into the kitchen.. haha), an incredible colouring book annnnd a Lego dress designer set! So perfect.
Can you see that Lego laptop and Canon-esque camera? So good.

My gifts to Abraham were: A stunning robot cushion by a super clever (and lovely) crafter I was lucky enough to meet down in Masterton, Geek Dad book (this review was the reason for this..) and a Razorwyre record.
Razorwyre is a metal band (think Iron Maiden styles.. big hair, skintight jeans..) and Abraham went to high school with the lead singer.

We chowed down on perfectly cooked eye fillet, fresh coleslaw and spicy wedges for tea, and fruit salad with soy icecream for sweets. And it was sweeeeet. Might have been my favourite Christmas so far : )

(Love you, Abraham. Thanks for a choice Christmas!)


  1. Now that is the way to do Christmas..think I'll draw it out this year too :)
    LP's are not something I see a lot of these days, choice that you guys have a record player.

  2. said it before, i'll say it again, you guys are TOO cute!
    we exchanged our gifts privately too, except we did it about a week before christmas. was nice to savour them, and not get them lost in the busyness of xmas day.

  3. So cool. Love that robot cushion! (And the fact your hub buys you sensible undies! Mine buys me ridiculous pieces of thread around 3 sizes too small. Every.time. ;)
    Your dragged out Christmas sounds wonderful

  4. love! We don't do presents, but man you guys make it look like lots of fun!

  5. We had an extra xmas just for us too, this weekend. it was fab - dragged out christmas rocks.
    p.s. that lego set is amazing

  6. I had the best time Rhubarb - Merry belated Xmas.

    The Adele records were total bowling balls - glad you liked them as much as I wanted them :)

    Love you bro