Monday, January 21, 2013

End of the line.

I have finally gotten around to photographing the remaining Toast Clothing items, and getting them ready for a FB sale.
The lucky last 20 items will be up for sale on my Toast page at 8pm NZ time tomorrow (Tuesday the 22nd). Get amongst it, if you feel so inclined : )

It has been really interested, looking back through all of these things. They are all items I made for the last Craft 2.0 I attended.
It was a whirlwind of a weekend. My beloved Grandpa died while we were driving there, and it was awful to be so far away from my family at such an important time. The market itself was not a roaring success (perhaps due to my mindset?), and when I got home I didn't unpack for three months. It was the end of me sewing for grown-ups.

Photographing these has been quite therapeutic. I've been able to see the clothing for what it is, and feel quite proud of it all. I've been inspired to include some applique into the Croutons kids stuff, too.

Who know, there might be some grown-up clothing left in me yet!


  1. You should be super PROUD! There are some AMAZING pieces in your sale! Wish I was a small I'd snap that blue top with doily pockets right up! xxxxx

  2. SOOOOOO beauteous!! That blue stripy top is amaaaaaaze! Talented lady x