Thursday, January 17, 2013


In alignment with my New Years resolution (quality over quantity!), and due to my distinct lack of shopping while we were in Wellington, I have been doing my fair share of online shopping so far this month... handmade, of course!

Firstly, I was lucky enough to nab a few things in the Silver Circus sale on Facebook.
This wee tee is a firm favourite, and I look forward to Mol fitting into her harem style pants and the other tees I got for the coming seasons!

Secondly, I got two outfits from one of my all-times faves: Hikkepik. Otto was kind enough to model the bubble romper for me! Heh. I LOVE it. Mollie should fit both outfits next Summer.
I was also lucky enough to sign up for the 'Creative Pay It Forward' on Joke's FB page, and she sent me these amazing angel wings! I had admired them at her stall last month, and wished I had bought them - so I was over the moon to be gifted them! Mollie wore them for a whole afternoon, too. Always a good sign : )

Last, but certainly not least, I decided at the last minute to snaffle up one of Dear Colleen's vege calenders. I had ummed and uhhed about getting one since she released them, but we always get given a least one calender so I wasn't going to. But then I realised that it is far better to have a calender I LOVE hanging in my house, than a free ho-hum one. Quality over quantity, aye!?

I have loved receiving all these handmade goodies in the mail, and dealing with the sellers. I find it so helpful for my business, too. I get to see how others deal with their customers, how they present their products and the quality of their goods etc, and assess whether I'm doing things exactly how I want them done and take notes on things I want to improve.

Really, the moral of this post is that buying handmade is AWESOME. But you knew that, right?


  1. im off to check out those rompers!...those angel wings are darling!
    Allison x

  2. I love silver circus! She's Petone based so we see her at markets around the place a lot. E's grown out of most of her goodies so it might be time to stock up. I'm aspiring to make the handmade/vintage/nothing big business switch this year, it's such a good feeling to commit to beautiful and high quality purchases and there is so much amazing creativity out there!

  3. Such a beautiful assortment of kiddies clothes. Especially those rompers - love them! Harem style pants are a favourite here, not least because they are the one style that fits over cloth nappies (something the mainstream chains ignore).

  4. Ahh cuteness overload, Those sweet faces and ah-maze handmade gears!!!!

  5. Such a delightful selection of handmade items. Loving the harem pants, they were a style that all our kids lived in.
    How cute are Mollie's adorable!