Saturday, January 12, 2013

A little karma.

I have been decluttering my house. This is always a good thing, for two reasons. A) I have less things around me, I feel lighter and happier. B) The thrift karma from donating carloads of stuff is quite amazing.
It might seem a little silly to get rid of a tonne of belongings, only to be stoked to come home with replacements, and it is probably. But I comfort myself in the fact that the majority of my op shop purchases these days are Croutons-related, meaning they will (eventually) leave as something else, or can at least be counted as business expenses.

This wee case was something I needed to umm and uhh over a little. I have quite a few suitcases now, and am not in dire need of a new one - but it was $2 and I remembered that I needed something to store my patterns in, because my current system is not working.
This used to be a sewing machine case, in it's past life, and the extender arm, feet and manual are still in it. Even the warranty for the machine is here! Anyone have a Husqvarna machine and need bits and pieces for it?

I rarely ever find tapestries in the op shop anymore. Today I found a big pile of them! I, in my desire to strive for quality over quantity, only took half of them. They are quite big ( my feet are in the picture for size reference!) and I'm picturing oversized tote style bags..

And, finally, my usual weak spot - fabric. There are some real treasures in this pile. The bottom piece is a thick linen type fabric, covered in big peacocks, the purple floral feels like it might be silk.. and all the pieces are quite big (well over a metre, some of them a few metres). Score!

Thank you, thrift gods!


  1. I have a bag of fabric I was gifted to send down to you

  2. I am SO super jealous of that suitcase, I'd only be more so if it actually contained that sewing machine! My neighbour has one and they are amazing! I love those tapestries too! Esp the one at the bottom! Glad to see the thrifting karma is coming your way :)

  3. I would totes buy a bag...get it?! Oh I SO would. Long may the good karma last!

  4. Can't wait to see what you make with all that goodness! Spesh the tote bags - they sound amazing!

  5. that case would of come home with me too. what great self control you have!..leaving tapestries behind!...well done you.
    Allison x

  6. That abstract tapestry is fabulous! I always take more stuff in to the op shop than I come home with so I reckon my house is still less full of junk than it would have been. Still so much awesomer than shopping at the mall - win!

  7. wow, ooo fabric envy over there...and that tapestry is such a good find. Have fun creating from them all. Auckland's thrifting scene is fiercely populated now...might have to come down your way on a roadie one of these days..perhaps a birthday treat with the girls. xx