Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wardrobe - Nana dresses.

Nana dresses and leggings are my go-to outfit at the moment.
I've reached that point where I know the baby/pregnancy weight is not shifting anytime soon (is it just me, or is it impossible to lose weight on no sleep?!), so I'm embracing it and wearing whatever I darn well please.
Long may this frame of mind last.
I bought this top dress at the Sallies just after having Mollie. I love its uniform styling - I had two 'nurses uniform' type dresses in my 6th form year of high school. They were my favourite dresses then, too! I guess they designed them for comfort and easy wearing, and they won.
Leggings are Glassons, boots are Warehouse and brooch is Croutons.

This next picture, was quickly snapped on the way out the door - I didn't have time to try and get a shot where we were both smiling. I'm wearing a dress my lovely friend Amy sent me, leggings from Glassons and shoes from The Warehouse.
(those last two are nearly always the same - Glassons make the best leggings, and The Warehouse is unbeatable for cheap shoes in bigger sizes!)

Mollie is rocking some sweet Squidgyums pants, and a Cotton on top. Pink AS!


  1. You look fab! comfort is best! This week I finally purchased a new pair of jeans that -actually- fit my new hips after Camilla. SO nice to wear something that actually fits me!!!
    Remember, right now your body is in survival mode. You're cranking out the milk, surviving on little sleep and your body is just trying to conserve what it has!

  2. I love Nana dresses. I grew to love them when preg coz they stretch really well over a bump! I've still got plenty of bumps and lumps for them to stretch over!

    Viva la nana dress!

  3. You look really good and suit these dresses - my fave is the second one and I like how you are doting on Mollie in the pic - she looks pretty adorable too :) Jenny

  4. I love the nana dresses...we shall have a nana dress/baby swap party one day! We should also make tiny nana dresses for the babes. You look wonderful and long may your frame of mind last! xx (hook me up with some frame?)

  5. You look fantastic, especially with that accessory hanging off your hip ~ she's gorgeous!

  6. Nana dresses are the best! I especially like the second one, I have one quite similar in a lighter blue :)

  7. Gorgeously wonderful. Sleep is totally over rated ;) (I tell myself this. One day I might remember what it is again!) xx

  8. You rock the dresses, Rhiannon! And because of you, I have worn a dress every day for the past two years. Go the twins!