Sunday, September 2, 2012

Father's Day.

I declare our Father's day weekend to be a success.

We've picnicked in the sun and eaten sausage rolls. We've relaxed and we've spend time together.
There was a (small) sleep in, a few gifts, and a lot of love.

I'm so appreciative of all that Abraham does for us. He truly is the best. I love that we have a special day where we can celebrate this (even more so than usual!).

Love you, bro!

Abraham's gifts this year were: The latest issue of Smith Journal, a huuuuuge pack of Jockey gold top socks and a grey, army-issue wool blanket. On the blanket I embroidered a picture of the ship that brought Abraham's Great Great Grandad to New Zealand, The Hovding.


  1. That embroidery is amazing what a thoughtful gift - love the picnicking photos :)

  2. Beautiful present. Happy Dad's Day Abraham. Lovely tribe you spawned there. x

  3. too sweet! also, we even have the same colour dress on...spooky. Yay happy whanau.

  4. Twas a great weekend indeed. Thank you darling, I love you bro.

    Thanks for the Fathers Day wishes Rachael :)