Monday, September 10, 2012

A review: LEGO Creationary.

Last week we were, very kindly, asked if we would like to review another LEGO product. This time it was the LEGO game 'Creationary'. We, naturally, jumped at the chance!
I have often looked at this game in the shops, wondering if perhaps it would be a good addition to our family games cupboard. It was neat to finally play it.

The boys were really excited about this one.
We opened the box, and read the instructions - seemed easy enough! We sorted all of the pieces into colours, and the cards into levels of difficulty. Ready to roll!
As a bonus, it looked so pretty all laid out in the box - the design is very attractive and inviting.

We decided to play with the whole family, despite the box suggesting it would be best for people over the age of seven. I guess I had hoped there would be some that were easy enough for Otto to make (he does play a lot of LEGO, after all...) but there wasn't really. He got bored pretty quickly, and ended up just building things for himself out of the pieces.
I don't really doing a lot of building with our bricks, I mostly leave that up to the boys - and I must confess, I found this game quite hard, too! The 'easy' cards had quite abstract/difficult things to build and I struggled to make them look like more than, well, blocks!
Aesop, the most practised builder among us, struggled a bit too. He struggled with building things far too big and detailed. One of his creations took 15 minutes! This means the game has the potential to take a long time, and it was quite boring in the meantime.
Abraham, on the other hand, aced it. He was able to build small and basic things, that actually seemed to have just enough detail to show what they were without taking too long to create.
(Decades of LEGO use paying off, huh?)

All that said, I think, with a bit of practice we will really enjoy this game. I think it might be one that gets better the more you play it, and the more you get the hang of it. It certainly uses a fair bit of brain power. (might be my problem.. not much of that around here these days!)
It will get easier as the boys get older too, I think.

My favourite creations for the day - Ottos only real guessable attempt, and one of Aesop's- very detailled - turns. Can you guess these two?

My favourite guess was from Otto. Aesop was building a playground, and during the slide building Otto suggested that maybe it was a 'marshmellow table!'. Hehe. Love it.

So, all in all, this game was a challenge - in a good way. I think with a few more tries (and maybe a timer involved somehow..) we will master it! I must say also, that I think it would be great fun to play with a bunch of adults.
Creationary and a few glasses of wine, anyone?

(You can get yours - perhaps as a family Christmas present?- from the usual places, for around $69.99.)


  1. looks like an awesome game! lucky you guys getting to review fun things! love your dress, by the way, rhiannon!

  2. I really enjoyed it! I think once Aesop gets the hang of simplifying his creations we'll be away.

    Also, my watch matches my t-shirt pocket like crazy!

    So many exclamation marks!

  3. We have this game and we like it too. Again, Russell is super amazing at it but J isn't far behind. We have found that some of the picture cards are a bit over J's head, being of landmarks and things he can't actually identify. We have played this with friends and a few drinks too, it's okay, but I hate losing to R so it's not my first choice. :)

  4. Hmmm, I know some other grown up boys with a long Lego history who would love this game!

    The binoculars are too cute. :)

  5. Has Aesop blog-reviewed it too?