Monday, September 24, 2012

Mollies Chair : Five Months!

Five Months

This month, Mollie has made leaps and bounds in terms of gaining control of her body.
There is a lot of grasping and holding, a lot of careful exploration with her eyes, and.. rolling! Couches and seats are no longer safe. (It took plenty of tries to take these photos without her trying to roll and climb down!). The other rolls are still making good progress, too. I haven't had her 5month Plunket visit yet, but she's well into the next size of clothes and definitely not getting lighter. Milk power!

There are little teeth moving around and bulging under her little gums. Rosy cheeks and slobbery smiles are the norm around here at the moment. Mollie is slowly working out how to get toys into her mouth to gnaw on, and loves those chewy fingers of hers. (I love them too, so pudgy and delicious!)

Sleeping? Hmm.. let's not ruin a lovely update, huh? Let's pretend we're all getting loads of it, and everything in hunky dory, so much nicer than reality!

We're very close to introducing tastes of fruit and vege into Mollies life. She is constantly reaching for, and staring at, the food we eat. We hope to (at least partially) follow the baby-led weaning route for the first time with Mol, so it will be an adventure for all of us.


  1. 5 months! Wow that's gone quick. She looks like Aesop I reckon :)
    Hi Mollie!

  2. I agree with Claire, super quick! She does look like your boys, especially in the top left pic. She's just lovely! (Mollie let your mum sleep!)

  3. Oooh she's so delicious. We really must get together soon for a real life squidge before these littles get too big. Also, yay for blw. We partially blw with A & will probably fully blw this time. It makes life SO much easier than mushies!

  4. time flies! cant believe it's been 5 months