Friday, September 14, 2012

Playcentre: A post in pictures.

This is what our Playcentre looks like.
I'm sure you can see why we love spending time there. Look at all those colours!

(I'm joining Deb in attempting to share more Playcentre love in blogland.)


  1. I love this! thanks for posting :) it's awesome to share the love!!

  2. I love how you're showing Playcentre pics, I miss Playcentre bad now, we moved to Sunshine Coast, Aus a month ago and are here for a year or two, (They don't do playcentre, its just Moms groups) I never thought I would miss it bad (not the rules/courses so much) but we had made some good buddies, and I was even starting to get involved in the outside social scene with some of the moms:) I love all the resources at Playcentre! Have you got a Playcentre shop in your'e area? We had one in Hastings and they had some beautiful wooden toys, couldn't help myself:) x

  3. Loving your new PC interest lately, learning story queen... hehe I saw the tally...Lets do the Natural playdough! How AWESOME! such pretty flowers, lets do it! Anonymously Cara x