Sunday, September 9, 2012

Check the list - Dairy-free ice cream.

I avoid eating dairy. Did you already know that? I forget.
It's not that I'm allergic as such, it just makes my throat and nose all yuck.
So, yeah, I don't eat cows milk products when I can avoid it.

One of the goals on my list was to make my own soy ice cream. Lite Licks is pretty good, but hard on the pocket and limited in flavours, I figured making my own would be awwwwesome.

I googled and googled, looking for a good soy ice cream recipe, to no real avail. What I did find though, was a bunch of delicious looking coconut milk ice cream recipes. Who knew?!
I decided on this 'Raspberry' one by The Nourishing Gourmet.

I borrowed this fancy looking ice cream maker from my friend Ashlee, and it all seemed pretty easy. 
I purchased the ingredients, chucked them in, and set it to work.

 It got to the texture of frozen yogurt.. sort of. But then it didn't get any harder.
I took it out and put it in the freezer, stirring it every hour or so.
It eventually froze through, but the texture is less than amazing, far more icy than creamy! Maybe like a badly made sorbet? Ha ha.

In conclusion, despite being very pretty, it was a bit of a flop.
I think it's for the best though, imagine having dairy-free ice cream at the push of a button - Helloooo weight gain. Plus, on special, Lite Licks works out about the same price anyway!

Either way, consider yourself ticked #2!


  1. Well it looks gorg! The power of pretty photography eh!

  2. My youngest is allergic to cows milk and last year we bought an ice cream maker. You probably won't like me for introducing you to it but this is amazing, super creamy and dairy free. It's the chocolate coconut ice cream on my recipe page, only three ingredients, so so good.