Saturday, September 22, 2012

Check the list - Change our bedroom curtains.

Sometimes such simple things make such a huge difference - especially when they have been bugging you for a long time.
I've been searching for plain curtains for our room for years now. The lovely 90's ones that come with the house are warm and clean, but hot-damn they are ugly.
I found these, nice plain, brown ones for under $20 at The Sallies and they were already the perfect size. Meant to be!

(Photos are not great - the lighting in our room is dull on the brightest of days! But ypu get the general idea, aye?)


  1. Looking good! What were they thinking in the 90s that terracotta patterned look reminds me of my childhood. Love the new look of your blog also!

  2. I was so happy the day we got new curtains for our bedroom, it's like a different room. But they cost me 9x the price of yours!

  3. isn't that the BEST when that happens?? it looks a million miles way nicer.
    we've still got ugly-90s happening in about 50% of our house...halfway there!

  4. I'm so glad the thrifting gods shined on you! They look so much better and I bet you smile when you walk into the room now too!

  5. Oh yes! Curtains make such a difference :)

  6. Excellent! Love ticking stuff off the list! Great move with the curtains.. We bought a house full of those 90s curtains once - unbearable!.. Your new ones look great.

  7. wow such an improvement! We have blue-yellow version of those same type of 90's warehouse curtains in our bedroom...HATE them. ugh