Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday, woof and whine.

Wardrobe Wednesday is a bit of a let down from me this week, sorry.
It is dull and rainy outside, my mood is well below average and I really just don't have the energy to wear anything amazing.
I did keep my goal of wearing something I've never worn before, this skirt is one that I bought to alter and have never quite finished the waistband. I figured I would just wear it today and then decide if I like it enough to bother finishing it. I really like the print, but it's slightly longer at the front than the back, will need to remedy that before adding it to the rotation!
I'm wearing it with a stripy Glassons singlet, a Farmers top, a Glassons cardi (of course..) and a copper wire brooch that my Mother-in-law's partner made.

My face and hair are on strike today, due to being subjected to unfair hormonal levels. Pretty sure my husband and kids wouldd be on strike too, given half a chance. This whole implant thing is not really working out for me. But you don't want to hear about that, so here's a wee toy I made for my nephew:

He's made based on a vintage pattern, and filled with tiny pieces of chopped up scrap fabric. He's a bit heavier than his poly-filled pals, but I quite like him that way. Will see whether Albie likes him too, but thinking he might be a proto-type with many more to come. I love the fact that he cost next to nothing to make and I would be able to offer him, and his other animal friends, up for under $10.


  1. I'm sorry to hear the implant isn't working for you :o( If it makes you feel any better any form of hormone-based contreception turns me into a complete fruit loop.

    Also, your brooch is amazing and the dog is uber cute! xx

  2. me too, can't even take the pill without turning into a complete psycho, the brooch is gorg and I think you are looking pretty the earlier beach photos even if they make me homesick :)

  3. You look great, love the pattern on the skirt so I vote yes to altering it! Love the wee dog, sooo cute! Sucks the implant isn't working out, hope you can sort it out K x

  4. I really love the print on the skirt - it's awesome!!!

  5. Ah... my hair is not my favourite feature most of the time. Some of it curls naturally, some of it is straight. It's a lot of effort to get it how I want it - and then I have to start from scratch all over again the next day. Can't often be bothered.

    The brooch is lovely! And the print on your skirt is very cool. I think I'd definitely keep it. And as for the little dog - cute!

  6. oh, you poor thing...hugs to the print on the skirt and would LOVE a brooch like tht - its so cool.xx

  7. You have the best bling loved your birthday jewels too... and that print needs to be used for something!?! Your softie is so gorgeous.. I actually like your whole outfit - go easy on yourself girl!!
    ... had to go look up the Jadelle thing - turns out is what I thought (similar to Implanon we have here in Aus)... the side effects (or the you-getting-used-to-it/ combo-with-other-meds effects) often do settle down after 2-3 months so try stick with it (of course having to face up to another incision is always an incentive for it to stay longer)... but you seem to be collecting all the worst effects - hunger/ weight gain... mood effects... hope your skin and bleeding is better/ not as affected!?! I'm trying to find silver lining for you here in what sounds like a shocker week/ month... hugest hugs - hang in there... I'm happy to help you research/ discuss contraception options if you like...most of it is individual trial (and error) though...

  8. The dog is so sweet! I love heavier softies, too, they feel very reliable, I think. Also, that's a great outfit, I can't believe you can be bothered with a brooch on an "off" day! Would wearing the skirt backwards praps solve the front-longer issue without effort? I know not all skirts can work backwards, but just a thought. That print is truly fabulous. I too am trying to get to wearing clothes that I have never worn - or not worn in the past decade, as the case may be.
    Maybe you should consider switching to a diaphragm? I too had some (though maybe less serious than yours) trouble with hormonal contraception, and though it's a bit of a drag you do get used to - and fast at - applying it quite quickly. I much prefer the feeling that i am not interfering too much with my body's functions, as well. Good luck, anyway.

  9. Love the skirt.

    I had an implant after my first baby, it was a great idea, contraception that is just there and you can forget about it.... Nice theory, I could not wait to get mine out. And when I did, the last 2 stone of baby weight just melted off me, ha ha. Hate the implant. I agree with the commented who recommended a diaphragm, they rock.

  10. Hi! Nice to meet you Rhiannon, I've been blogging for awhile but up until stumbling upon your blog I hadn't really known there were so many cool kiwi gals blogging about also! I adore your outfits (of course), and your Rhiannon-made things! I am so badly affected my miniscule hormone changes that I cannot tolerate anything like the implant. Good luck though, I hope you find something that suits you. And soon. x