Friday, October 8, 2010

School holiday summary. Pictures pictures pictures.

The school holidays are usually not the happiest times around here. That's me being honest.
Aesop and I are very, very similar. We're both very stubborn and very moody. We also like people to pay us a lot of attention and give us a lot of reassurance. For me this is more about seeking acceptance on the internet, and attempting to get compliments and assurance from Abraham when he gets home. For Aesop it is about narrating every thought that runs through his head, followed by questions such as 'Did you see that?', 'How awesome was that?' and 'Aye, Mum?'.
I love Aesop, dearly, but being at home together, all day, for 14 days just is not ideal for either of us. Aesop bores of me very quickly and, no matter how hard I try, I find myself saying the same things over and over. 'Please think in your head, Aesop' and  'I can't pay attention to your game right now, Aesop'. I feel terrible for it but it's just the way it is, unfortunately.

But these holidays have been the best so far. We've managed a few days where everything has gone smoothly, we've managed to get out and about a bit, fit in some sweet baking, some lovely music, a wee bit of sewing, a lot of game playing, a spot of gardening and even some beach going. Aesop has helped me immensely with Otto, and Otto has delighted in having Aesop home to follow around and to give thing to/ throw things at (his two fave things right now..).

I can't say I'm not looking forward to getting back into our peaceful daily routines on Monday (and getting the housework back under control!) but I am certainly feeling more hopeful that the Christmas holidays might actually be something we can live through.


  1. oh snap! my clothesline looked like that today!! lots of yummy (must VERY musty-smelling) vintage fabrics rescued from the depths of op-shop oblivion (or worse!?)

  2. Oh sweetheart - I sympathize SSSSSOOOOO with you about boys home from school... Aus hols finished last week - I was dreading them from the middle of the July hols (coz knew I'd be at whale stage of pregnancy and even less energy to deal with his energy)... Thank the heavens my dad decided he wanted/ needed a break from his own routine and came helped us out for a week... also the boy and I sat down and made two lists on first day of holidays which helped SO much - one list was stuff he wanted to do in mum 's week (that I was prepared to do..) and the other was stuff to do in Paka's week with us... We agreed on small things up front like - Yes, I will get down on the floor and play Lego with you at least once a day - but I'm making a car each day minimum then I'm allowed to get up!... and he was allowed to strike gardening of the list since he obviously doesn't enjoy it!?!
    I've decided we are also similar in that once we are concentrating on something we both don't hear other people and get irritable getting interrupted... I think the constant need for conversation/ interaction/ talking in general would drive me crazy too...
    As for you - you are an absolutely incredible, amazing, talented, thoughtful, inspirational woman!! I want to be more like you when I grow up!!! Don't forget to look after yourself and love yourself. xox

  3. Love your honesty. Don't worry about xmas hols've still got a whole term to go. You are a great mama! xox