Friday, October 1, 2010

Very great birthday. Epic post. (And a list cross off.)

Yesterday was my birthday.
As I get older, birthdays seem to get a little less exciting each year. It's hard to get very excited about gaining a year, especially when you're absolutely knackered! But this year I had a blast.
While, technically, yesterday was the day of my birth, I did most of my celebrating in the weekend.
My (much-planned) outdoor movie night came to fruition on Sunday night! I've had this in my mind ever since reading about a guy on Livejournal who had a projector and played movie in his backyard each week over the Summer. There's something magical about the idea of watching films in the fresh air.
And magical it was.

It was a night full of ammmmmazing food ( tofu cheesecake, apple hazelnut crumble muffins, homemade pizza, caramel corn, sausage rolls, salty popcorn, spring rolls... the list goes on..), great company and fine films.
We watched two of my all-time faves. 500 days of Summer and Everything is illuminated. So good.

But you know what made this years birthday REALLY special? You see that person in the top picture, arranging the furniture? That's not me! That's my twin!
My 'twin' Amy, who I had never met in real life, came to stay with us!
For those of you who haven't heard about Amy before, she is a lovely that I meet online and have an insane, and unbelievable, number of things in common with. We have text, or phoned, nearly every day for the last two and a half years and we met for the first time on Sunday. It was cool to say the least.

We just happened to have matching outfits already in our closets (or suitcase, in Amy's case..), which might be a tad weird for most people, but just makes sense for us. Needless to say some 'twinny' photos were in orders. So.. are we twins or what?!

Abraham made me wait until my real birthday before I was allowed to open my gift. He put it on the china cabinet a week go and it has been taunting me.  I was so excited to open it yesterday and, by golly, it definitely didn't disappoint. Abraham splashed out and bought me some gold jewellery!

The very best kind.. knitted! This incredible necklace is by the, super talented, Kute Kiwi.
I've had my eye in one of these for ages and pages. And it looks like I might have really good taste, Kute Kiwi's accessories were just used in the World show at NZ fashion week and her range will be sold in their stores! Thanks so much Abraham, best husband (and best birthday weekend!) ever!


  1. you and me have the same birthday! hehehehe how old di you turn? I am now a big girl at 24 hehehe

    Yup you sure look like twinnies!

  2. oh and i ADORE kute kiwis knitted jewelry, bene on my wish list for months hehe

  3. Happy birthday!!!! Your movie night looked like SO much fun!

  4. happy birthday honey !!! that looks like the best night !! fab idea :)
    cute that you found a little soul mate in amy x

  5. AHHH OMG! hi! i made you that necklace! haha happy birthday!! its so cool to see you have a blog! yipee!! :D

  6. Happy Birthday! looks like you had heaps of fun. When we were in Fiji they had movie night outside on the beach and it was magical. Love that necklace too!

  7. Happy belated birthday!! Looks like you had an awesome one! I would love to have outdoor movie nights over summer too - yours looks gorgeous.
    I love your necklace, what a great hubby!
    You and your soul mate are so cute together, how amazing that you found each other xx

  8. I love you rhi. love amy

  9. oh wow, it was you! i walked into binn inn and your boy was telling the shop guy that it was your birthday! happy birthday!
    we've done the outdoor movie thing few times and love love it. summer goodness at it's best.