Monday, October 11, 2010

Sandy homes.

Abraham, the boys, and I went wandering on the beach yesterday afternoon. It was the perfect way to finish a busy weekend, letting the wind blow in our hair, digging our toes in the sand and running around, breathing in the salty air.
Along our way we found three little drift wood houses. They were build so carefully, the twigs held together with seaweed, little stones on the floors, one even had two rooms and a sort of fire place outside ( indoor outdoor flow!). They had quite a magical feel to them and I couldn't pass by without snapping a few pictures to share with you.
I'm feeling really excited about spending more time at the beach this Summer. I'm not a 'Summer person', preferring to be wrapped up in the midst of Winter, but I'm going to work really hard this Summer to make the most of the long, light days, the fast-drying washing, the amazing fresh fruit, and the weather that enables us to spend whole days outside as a family. Even I can appreciate that.

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  1. Love your photos, you have such an artistic flair.

    The beaches around there are so beautiful... my hubby & I spent a wonderful day in and around Whakatane back in '08. And there was a really yummy ice cream place on the way back to Papamoa, where we were staying!