Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday shopping wishes.

Here are a few things I've been eyeing up on the interwebs lately. I probably would have been smarter to list these BEFORE my birthday, as a sort of wishlist, but maybe it could be considered a wishlist for Christmas? Hah. More like a 'If money grew on trees' list....

Ruffle tank by 'ellainaboutique'. I love this woman's simple tops with cute detailing. She makes great 'basics'. They're the type of tops I hope to, one day, be making for myself.

Frida brooch by 'Cara Carmina'. Perfect size, perfect colours, super cute.. what more can I say? Would look great on the ruffle singlet.

In fact, these would look cute with the brooch and singlet, too. They are the 'Handmade moccasins' by local Kiwi seller 'Spirocreations'. I  pretty much LOVE all of the shoes/boots that this lovely lass creates. They would be perfect for my over-average sized feet (they're custom made) and look so darned comfy.

'Ruffled collar dress w/ pockets' by 'Ananya'. I would need it made a little longer, to cover my knees, but this dress would be the ideal Summer frock. Comfy, light, spotty and super cute. Her other dresses are great too, love the colour of the green one.

This one is right near the top of my list: the 'Angel' dress by 'CAST' (aka Catherine Stonely). I would love it in a bright colour (blue, I think) or in black. It would need to be custom made though, to account for the fact I'm slightly out of her size range and because I would need it to be slightly longer. This is one I actually plan to buy when I have some dosh.

The 'Shape brooch pin' by 'cristinapires'. So big and bright. Would also love pretty much EVERYTHING else in her shop. She is incredible.

This one is the 'cereja wood woven' from 'Iram-inal' designs. Love how big and chunky it is. I can just picture is with a plain singlet and a bright floral skirt in the Summer.

This one would be mine-all-mine if only it had the dimensions in the description and they were BIG. I have seen some of her other work in real life and the brooches were very small and delicate. That, unfortunately, doesn't work for me.
It is the 'rimu veneer doily brooch' by Chloe Jansen.

I love this "Sao Paolo" Neckpiece by The Funk but, as a fabric hoarder, this is probably something I would make myself.  I have been toying with the idea of making fabric jewelry for awhile and this sort of thing is something I had planned to attempt. There are a lot of tutorials online for making braided necklaces and it's not a 'new' idea, but a great way to use up smaller pieces of fabric!
Here are a few other braided/knotted/fabric type necklaces that I really like :

Michele braided silk necklace by Coumon (all of this shop is wonderful)
Have a lovely Saturday everyone!


  1. yes! lovely. especially the handmade shoes, those are delicious x

  2. Yep, if it weren't for the price I'd be all over those moccasins!

  3. What a fun post!?! Almost like going on a girly shopping trip with you! Lovin it!

  4. what a wonderful wonderful list!!!
    teh frida broach would have to be my fav i think