Monday, October 4, 2010

360 mins worth of tees and some shorts (AKA belated KCWC)

I wasn't able to participate in the 'Kids clothing week challenge' during the right week. I was too busy getting ready to hang out with ole twinny, and preparing for my movie night and what-not.
(Not to mention the fact that I just wasn't 'feeling' sewing. Do you get that sometimes? I can go weeks without have the urge to sew anything  but it always returns. When I was younger, in the first house Abraham and I had, I would pack up my studio completely for a few weeks, and then unpack it all when I got my mojo back! Ahh the creative mind is a funny one..)
But I decided that Otto DOES need Summer clothes (the joys of having babies in different seasons..) so I have decided that I will join in the fun, just a week too late. I started on Thursday last week, and this is what I've managed so far:

I finally mastered the '90 minute shirt' and made use of the cute fabrics I picked up at Spotlight last time we were in Rotorua. Once I nutted out the settings for sewing ribbing on my overlocker it was actually a piece of cake. I'll be making more and more and more of these!
The shorts are super simple, Otto is a into dirt and wet grass much, much more than Aesop was and is very quickly ruining all of the knees in his pants. We've also just started playcentre, so I need to stock up on basic shorts that are really quick and cheap and don't matter too much when they are filthy in a week!  These ones are made from repurposed denim (a little girls dress from the dollar rack) and some sweatshirting offcuts so they definitely fit the bill.

I have some more shirts and shorts planned as well as plans to make some little sleeveless hoodies, and some bigger ones for Aesop too. Am going to try my hand at making a pattern but this one is looking pretty tempting to buy. Might need another road trip to Rotorua to go fabric shopping!


  1. I love, love, love the t-shirts. Top work Rhubarb!

  2. Aww, lovely stuff! Those little t-shirts are the best!! The little red and white one with 'hello' is sooo sweet :)

    I sometimes get in a little rut with sewing/crafting too and neglect my studio for a few days, but it's true what you say--the need to create does always come back!

  3. super dooper gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i dotn sew, havnt ever had my hands on a sewing machine, and to be honest wiht the amount of knitting and dyeing i do i dont think i would have the time, but man oh man are those handmade clothes delicious!!!!

  4. Anytime you wanna do a Spotlight mission-just holla! I'll drive!

  5. Love the t-shirts...and love your son's name!

  6. Those are great! Love the little tees, lucky wee man.

  7. awesomeness! love them all, but stripes are always a favourite.