Monday, October 18, 2010

Croutons on Felt.

(Edit to add: Forgot that Felt had to 'review' some of my products before they can be on the site, due to me being a new shop. The softies will be up by this evening. Sorry for the confusion!)

I have started a new Felt shop.
I'm struggling to get inspired to make adult clothing at the moment, after not doing so well at the last craft fair and being disheartened by the amount of time and materials involved in making enough stuff which may r may not sell due to the high price needed to cover those things.
Solution? Croutons. Small pieces of Toast.
I will spend the next little while (or long while, if it works out..) creating things from the small pieces of fabric and offcuts that fill FOUR big 80l containers in my sewing room. I will make soft toys, fabric jewellery, clothes for small people, bunting, quilted things.. whatever takes my fancy each week, and list them at really low/reasonable prices on Felt. I'm hoping to keep the majority of things under $30 including postage.

So, to start things off I've listed three soft toys and three (baby-proof) braided necklaces for $15 including postage. I'm aiming to add a few things each week so I'll be adding an update on here when I do. Hope you'll mosey on over and have a looksie.

(Side note: have ordered 'Croutons' woven labels but in the meantime anything that is listed will have a 'Toastclothing' label..)


  1. I don't see the soft toys, maybe they've sold? I would have snapped up that yellow horse for sure!
    p.s. Croutons? Genius!

  2. Thought that might've been the case, I was anxiously searching for them! So cute!! You are the softy MASTER.

  3. Love, love, love your new softies!!! And your baby-proof necklaces are genius :-)

  4. oooh, thats very exciting! I do love those necklaces... and pleeease list some of your brooches?? . ;)

  5. I love it all! especially the neckalaces, I'm all for childproof jewellery. Where do you get your labels from?

  6. Croutons = small *delicious* pieces of Toast. Love your work, it's awesome as always.