Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday - No black, no denim.

So, this challenge was harder than I thought it would be.
I woke up this morning and reached straight for a bright dress and black cardi and thought 'Oh dear..".
But luckily I have a red Glassons cardi too. Hhah. One would think, for someone with a million op shopped cardis, that it would be easy to replace the 'house of G' cardi with something different. But, truth be told, my black Glassons cardis easily get twice as much wear as ANYthing else in my wardrobe. Sigh.
This is what I am wearing today: Blue shoes from the Warehouse ($6!), navy and cream patterned dress from The Sallies, red Glassons cardi and the cutest flower brooch from my twinny.

I even left my glasses off for the photo, because they were black. That's dedication!
Looking forward to the next challenge. I think I might set myself a challenge next week to wear an item of clothing that I've bought but never worn. I have far too many of those.

If you're interested in playing along with 'Wardrobe Wednesday', simply blog about your outfit and add your link to Clare's comment section so we can all 'ooh' and 'aah' over it. Sweet.


  1. Looks fab together! Love the red cardi & blue shoes, along with the gorgeous brooch.

  2. I think I've decided just now, I need to get me some bright blue shoes. Looking great! x

  3. I love the shoes, nails, brooch colour theme going on. And the red really suits you too! xo