Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday ( and a few other days..)

I've been making an effort this week, trying really hard not to succumb to the temptation to wear super comfy (read: fairly ugly) 'maternity' clothing. Been trying to remind myself that dresses are just as comfortable, but look so much nicer, and make me feel a lot better about myself. Wanna see?

Outfit number one:Glasses - Sunglasses place at Bayfair
Dress- Red cross shop $4
Tan belt - The Warehouse $19.99
Grey flats - The Warehouse $17

Otto is wearing all homemade 'cept the jandals, of course!

Outfit number two:

Brooch - Croutons (me!)
Dress - Thrifted in Te Puke $6
Black belt - Salvation army $2
Flats - The Warehouse $15

And today's outfit:

Dress - Thrifted at St Vinnies Yesterday $2
Tan Belt - The Warehouse $19.99
Pink Flats - The Warehouse $12


  1. You find the coolest dresses, really, you do. They all look awesome.

  2. The last dress!!

    Of course, you look super stylish in all of them. Well done!

    Talia Christine

  3. Loving your style - I've very fond of that pale lello floral dress and I think the sunnies are also swaying me. Yah for summer and dresses and your general pregnant glowi-ness xx

  4. Gorgeous! I love them all, I can't even pick a favourite! I am in love with dresses at the moment, so easy just one piece to throw on and I'm done! Love it!

  5. Hi, just discovered your blog through podandthreepeas, love it! I have just had my third baby, a little girl Willa to complete my trio of girls. But had she been a boy she would have been called Otto :) I love your style and all your great vintage fabric finds.

  6. that yellow dress looks soooo light and coooool~~!!!
    you are rocking the maternity look X

  7. Love them all, but I love the blue dress the best. YOu are looking gorgeous! Jx

  8. Loving your dresses :)
    And I love the cheeky look between you and Otto- so cute to see him enjoying his Mama :)

  9. CUTE! Love those dresses and all the wonderful things you've been making too!

  10. Ah, I remember trying to do "pretty" "dresses" and "vintage" while pregnant! So hard - but you've done so well! I LOVE the colours too! they will brighten up any day!


  11. Sweet dresses! Great finds! You look fabulous in them, what a beautiful bump!