Thursday, January 5, 2012

Make my week, Baby : Week 1.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant today. I know, holy! Time is absolutely flying.
So, in order to make the most of these last weeks (of my very last pregnancy!) I've set myself a wee challenge.
I'm hoping to make at least one thing for the baby, each week until it is earthside.
Don't get me wrong, we definitely don't need much for the babe, we have A LOT of things from the boys and I have also bought a few things. But there's something special about dressing a wee one (especially one you grew yourself) in things you have made especially for him or her.

I've decided to call my project ' Make my week, baby!'.
It is a homage, of course, to Dee's 'Make my week' project from last year, which I found really inspiring.

Soo, I started last Thursday (my pregnant weeks 'turn over' on a Thurs..) and I made two things this week.
I also sorted and printed most of the patterns I want to use over the next few weeks, and chose out some fabrics I might want to use. It's all go around here!

The first thing I made was a wee patchwork blanket. It's the perfect size for the baby to kick around on on the floor, so I used four layers of flannel in the middle to make it nice and soft, too.
As I've said, I'm finding it hard to make neutral things for our little surprise baby, so I made it double sided - with a slightly girlier side - just in case:

I also made a bunting/sleeping bag. I used a vintage pattern for this ( this one), and plan to use the same pattern for a few other items of clothing, too.  I made it with vintage fabrics and used an old metal zipper. I had to change the top a little, to protect delicate skin from the scratchy zip, by adding a button on piece and covering part of it with fabric. (I figure the bebe will always be dressed underneath, otherwise I would have done a zipper cover the whole way down on the inside.)

I have a million ideas swimming round my head (and quite a few on my Pinterest), and it feels so good to have my creative juices flowing again. I've already started one project towards next weeks goal, here is a sneaky peek (I'm loving the colours! They feel so 80's):


  1. I adore that patchwork blanket- particularly the girly side. I'm a sucker for girly stuff (had a girl after 3 boys) and a sucker for vitange fabric. What a lovely selection of fabric you used. Great idea to make things for your new baby. Will look forward to seeing what you make next. Cx

  2. Beautiful ~ love it how you have covered your bases. But if baby is a boy you still must use the floral, he won't know ~ it's so gorgeous! Jxx

  3. Gorgeous beautiful lovely! That fabric on the sleep sack is magic!

  4. Beautiful things! You have the nesting thing going on!

  5. Love them both!!!

    I was thinking of doing a 'make my week' this year too ~ only way to get the creative bug back I guess! but then the only thing I've made this week is jam and a messy house...

  6. You're gorgeous, your creations are gorgeous, I have a huge smile on my face. So awesome. x

  7. these are AMAZING and i'm insanely jealous of your skill and speed!!
    i'm going to LOVE this series, i can tell. yayyyy :)

    ps totally gorgeous bump. ohmy~~ X

  8. love that baby blanket, both sides are gorgeous!!

  9. Holy wow that sleeping bag is SUPER cute! I think we are due a couple of weeks before you and you're making me feel very...unproductive! And inspired!!

  10. Inspiring Rhiannon! These projects are so lovely, and love what you made the boys for Christmas too! Lucky wee family you have xxx

  11. omgoodness i love all three of those to bits! go you mama bear

  12. Such talent - these are all so beautiful.I love your eye for colour.

  13. these are absolutely beautiful :)
    I do love your adult clothes and accessories of course but I totally think you should go into making and selling the baby stuff, it's just so cute. If Violet is ever on her way, you better be making me one thing a week!! :p

  14. Ooh I love the fabric on your quilt... Gorgeous choices!

  15. That blanket is so cute, I love both sides. One is sophisticated, the other happy.