Thursday, January 26, 2012

Make my week, baby: Week 4

This week, I decided to do things a little differently : in true Rhiannon style, I decided to start knitting on the hottest week of Summer we've had so far! I'm so smart. hah. But really, some amazing lady told me that I would knit baby hats on circular needles (because double points and I just don't get along..) and I had to give it a go. And then I had to try and do one with stripes.. and well, the cardigan? I don't have any excuses for that one. I just love the pattern so much, I found some wool at the op shop, and had two days left in the week : )
(Hat is this pattern, and the cardigan is another one of these.)

I don't know if you can tell by the pictures, but these wee sets are made from 70's stretch towelling. Am I the only one who has a thing for babies in towelling? It just seems like the perfect fabric for little ones. And these colours are too, so hard to find baby clothes in bright colours these days!
The hats are, of course, more Sweetpea Pilot caps. And the pants are made from the Kwik Sew pattern I used for the merino ones.)

Lastly, I think I nearly perfected a pattern for newborn harem type pants this week.
(They are, heavily, inspired by the pants by this incredibly talented woman. I take no credit at all for this design.)
I made these from light sweatshirting type fabric, and put ribbing bands on the waist and the cuffs. Ribbed waistbands are so wonderful for little new pukus (and for pregnant ones too..), much softer than elastic. I plan to make a few more pairs of these, in a bigger size, they seem like they'll be the perfect comfy pants.

In other news, I'm sure most of you saw that the first of our wee pregnant-bloggy-quartet welcomed her little one earthside this week! Congrats Stella, and welcome to wee Garland James. You are both very lovely, and have me feeling incredibly clucky!
Dee, who will be next, is going to be giving us some baby-related tutorials and posts over the next few weeks. I'm feeling so excited about all the babies at the moment! Eeee.


  1. you are a knit fabric NINJA!!!
    i'm so jealous (and really wished my overlocker had come with a manual!)
    do you make your own knit bias tape too? amazing~~

    if i pluck up enough courage i may, or may not, share what i made for baby this week too.... :)


  2. 1. That jersey is completely cute
    2. Ditto Dee re knit fabric ninja-ness
    3. Circular needles are all kinds of magnificent

  3. Naw thanks Rhiannon! LOVE everything that you have made here, as usual! Can't wait to see your bub dressed up in all this cuteness! (p.s. totally agree on the toweling/babies thing)