Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make my week, baby: Week 3

Don't you love those weeks where you feel like you haven't really achieved much, and then you realise that, actually, you've done much more than you think? This week has been very much like that for me, craft-wise at least.
I had planned a blog post in my head where I explained to you all that I've been too busy sorting the studio, ready for a bit of a room switcheroo, and hadn't actually managed much sewing at all. But when I went to take photos of things this morning, it turned out that some magic sewing fairies must have been at work, and my 'finished' pile was actually rather impressive!

(Sidenote: I have no idea why the grass is a different shade of green in every photo. Editing the photos was only making it worse, so you'll just have to forgive me. Please?)

I made three more of the newborn wrap tops this week. I told you they were addictive! I made a cream and brown one for our babe, another the same as a gift and a blue and brown one which I am swapping for a skein of the most beautiful wool I've seen in a long time. (With which I will attempt to knit one of those delicious hats with the little cords on the top.)

I finished my WIP from last week. A stretch'n'grow type suit, using the KwikSew pattern #3090.
I repurposed a merino turtle neck for the main part, and some merino scraps from a top for the binding.
I'm absolutely LOVING the press snaps at the moment. Despite them being rather pricey, I want to put them on EVERYTHING. Might have something to do with the satisfaction/stress release of hammering them on?

This was my first attempt at the Sweetpea Pilot Cap. So cuute! Why is everything little so, so much cuter? I made this from a recycled wool jumper, and some spare ribbing, and it came together in about 20 minutes. Yet another highly addictive pattern - I already have more of these in the works.

Lastly, this week I made these:

It's pretty much impossible to tell what they are from this photo, so I borrowed Aesop's friend, Froggy, to help demonstrate:

They are swaddling wraps! Pretty nifty, aye? I used the tutorial over at Prudent baby. I took a few liberties with the sizing, and also used wool blend knits instead of flannel. I'm not entirely sure how practical they will be, but they sure are sweet. I think they'd make very cool baby shower presents, too.

And with that, my week finishes. 3 down, 12(ish) to go!


  1. stop making me clucky rhiannon! ;) gorgeous creations x

  2. Pretty clever bro. Froggys wraps are the best. Well done.

    (Autolevel :P)

  3. You are so clever, the hat is it. Jx

  4. wow! I love them, you've got a very good production line there.

  5. You are on FIRE! Lucky lucky baby! And you, who gets to cuddle the baby all dressed up in these pretty things! x

  6. you are AMAZING!! i'm just sewing up some special receiving towels (instead of just any old towel) for the birth - we usually take awhile to getting around to dressing the babies - AND because i have been around this block before, i'm also sewing up some meconium pads to put under his bum!! (Monte pooed on at least 7 blankets we wrapped him in right after he was born!!)
    might have a go at the swaddling wraps...what is the reason for non-stretch do you think?? i have some nice knit i'd like to use...