Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make my week, baby: Week 2

Okay, so I miiiight have gone a little overboard this week. Can I use the excuse that it is Abraham's last week of holidays? And that I'll have less time for sewing as of Monday? Or is extreme nesting instinct enough of an excuse for the fact that I seem to have made one thing per day this week?!

This was the WIP from last week. It's a bit of a funny one, totally not my usual style, but I love it all the same. I used the same pattern that I used for the bunting last week, and made it from olive linen and polka dot cotton. Abraham tells me it's like extreme 'casual wear'. Still working out if this is a good, or a bad, thing.

This set will, hopefully be one of the first outfits the babe wears. It's teensy tiny, and I estimate that it will fit for approximately 2 days, but I couldn't resist making it! I used two merino tops that I picked up at the Sallies, for a few bucks each. I'm so pleased with how 'professional' looking they are (I heart my twinneedle!), feeling much better about the fact that I just can't afford to splash out on Mokopuna/Nature Baby etc.
(Pants and bodysuit are Kwik Sew 3811 and the hat is from this tute)

Girly things. So weird to be making girly things! But, like I said, if by some strange chance this bebe is a girl, I want to have just a few 'pretty' things to put her in. I'm not big on pink, so these seemed like the perfect compromise. They're made using this tutorial, it was so easy I think there'll be a few more in the next few weeks!

I think there might be a few more of these little tops, too. I love wrap-tops on newborns - so easy to change- but they get a bit bulky if you're then also having to put another top over them (to go out etc), so making a wrap jumper seems like the perfect solution! I found this pattern, and then tweaked the sizing a little ( it seemed tiny, and my babies are far from tiny!). I still need to get another two snaps, but I love love it.

And this is a work in progress.. it's super close to being done, but needs snaps and a little handstitching. It'll be my number one for next week : )



  1. So them all. I love your positive thinking (but also covering all your bases) Good on you. Jxx

  2. man, I desperately need some of your inspiration! they're all adorable! x

  3. Wow, you are truly amazing :) cant wait to see your baby casually hanging out in that gorgeous coat!

  4. Seriously tooooo much cuteness!!! Love it all especially the girls peasant tops and the merino set! Beautiful!

  5. Holy moly, you're a legend! Can't believe you made all this stuff this week.

    ...I'm going to try to do something crafty and productive now...

    Talia Christine

  6. Wow these are so cute, what a wonderful job you have done, truly inspiring. I think I need to get off by butt and get some sewing done too :D

  7. Amazing work! The little striped upcycled merino set is my fave. I do wish I'd made things for my little guy before he arrived (instead of just for other peoples babies!). I was under this wacky illusion that new borns slept heaps and I would sew then... hahah first time mum aye, not a clue what I was in for.

  8. How clever you are. I love your use of non-traditional colours. So much nicer than the pastel blue and pink (that is rife in the op shops!) Your baby will have a wonderful little wardrobe.