Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas- Part two: The handmade gifts.

I had visions of the weather clearing, and of taking amazing photos of these things with natural light and cheerful happy kids. Instead, it remains overcast and very glarey, Otto is at homecare and Aesop had to be bribed into helping me out. Ah well - something is better than nothing right?

This one is a blatant copy. I feel a little stink about it, and almost didn't post pictures. But, in all honesty, if I had thought about getting him one sooner I probably would have custom ordered one of the real ones through felt (this one.), but I didn't. I hope that it might inspire someone else to buy from them though - they're so clever.

These two were made using this (genius) tutorial and pattern : Here. I love it, and was very stoked with how they turned out. I can totally imagine all sorts of softies being made using this basic shape, definitely one to remember.

This 'Man Bat' costume was made using the tutorial over HERE.
For those of you not in-the-know (i.e you don't have boys/are not a comic nerd/don't play playstation..) Man Bat is different to Batman. He looks like this, and is a villain. We gave Aesop a pair of denim shorts to go with the costume, too.
(Note: I'm going to have to adjust the placing of the straps on this one, so hard to get it right without someone trying it on, but the back of the neck part sags at the moment. You know, in case you want to make your own..)

Abraham's presents are all on the line today. Typical.
But yeah, he had the usual boxer shorts (three pairs) and also had two t-shirts with floral pockets (made to look just like these ones he loves so much.). Fairly simple, but he was well pleased!

Lastly, my personal favourite, this is the doctors kits I put together for the kids.

I had some much fun making them matching scrubs, and amassing medical supplies! The blood pressure cuff, otoscope (ear thingy), and thermometer are all real ones, and the bandages etc are all 'proper' ones too. I wanted to make sure it was all stuff that was going to last ages and survive lots of play. Now to get them away from the masses of Lego long enough to actually use it..

So yeah, those were the handmade gifts this year!


  1. You are AMAZING. These gifts rock! So cool. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the shirt you linked to for Abraham, and would love to see the ones you made when they're not in the wash. I want to make some for me! Those softies are so great, I really want to make a softie soon, it's on the top of my list. And the doctors kits! Rad!

  2. Wow! You are a serious crafting machine! As if there isn't anything else to do in the lead up to christmas!!

  3. oh my goodness!! everything is amazing! Totally taking inspiration from this and definately going to make more next christmas.

  4. Go Mama GO!!! Holy smoke woman... you were ON FIRE!

    Love the Dr's kit... the scrubs... oh my!

    Everything is amazing, I'm just.... speechless.

  5. I love your hand made gifts. We had a hand made Christmas too. What you made was amazing. Hope your kids are enjoying them. Cx

  6. Hey! you've inspired me to try harder to make gifts this year. is it less expensive or more so?

  7. Awesome, Rhiannon! & if it makes you feel better about your 'copy' - I saw a very similar thing ( a lamer version, of course) in Sportlight yesterday. (Made in China, crappy fabric, but same design principle.) x Helen

  8. you!are!amazing!!
    that's so cool.
    i, on the other hand, made NOTHING this year!!
    (i seem to go in waves every other year, so this year i'll be ON! :) )