Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mollie's Chair - 12 Months.

12 Months
Last Sunday, our Mollie celebrated one year of being earthside.
One year! 12 whole months!
I must confess that the milestone was quite bittersweet for me. I felt so full of love and so grateful for the year we have had, but there were a fair few tears shed as I iced the cake. My last baby is one already!? The very last 1 year old birthday party for our little family. My days of nursing a babe in arms are numbered! So hard to be over the moon about these things.
It has been a wonderful year, and Mollie is an absolute treasure. (Especially now that she sleeps. Heh.)
 We all feel very blessed to have her in our lives, and are so stoked that she chose us as a family. And so, so pleased that we didn't stop at two (even if it means somedays are very trying!).

This past month Mollie has become really vocal - burbling along with the rest of us, and practising high pitched squeals, loud shouts and words like 'Wow!'. She is especially vocal in the evenings if she is awake later than her brothers. Relishing the chance to be the only small person talking!

Sleep is brilliant. Eating is brilliant. My Mollie-pop is brilliant. Happy birthday, sweet girl.
That is all x

Oh, and here are a few photos of the kids together - a rare occasion that I can get more than one of them looking semi-normal at one time...


  1. utterly adorable, that one. (And that photo of the three of them is DIVINE).

  2. Gorgeous ~ what a lucky girl to have two big brothers looking after her. Beautiful. Jx

  3. It's amazing how time flies! And Yeh sad too. And happy....

    Happy birthday to her..

    The pix are ace!

  4. gorgeous pics of your smiley the last one of her and Otto

  5. so cute! how fast did that year go!!! (from this side of the screen anyway) She is so adorable

  6. Oh happy happy birthday Mollie !! She is so so so stinkin cute !!!!
    And your photo's are really great !! Go you.