Thursday, April 4, 2013

Corners of my (new) home.

Why, hello!
Fancy seeing you here! It's so nice to bump into you again.

We've been in our new home a few weeks now and are almost all settled in. Phoneline dramas are sorted, nearly all of the important boxes are unpacked, a few things have made their way onto the walls.. it's gradually beginning to look like home.

It's hard moving into a new space, especially after an extended time in the previous one. I spent four years looking at my belongings in our (beloved) rental, and they all seemed to fit so nicely. It was a slightly bigger space, and had so many lovely, retro, features that worked so well with our things (built-in china cabinet, wooden pelmets, 70's patterned carpets.. oh I miss these!). Our new place, as it is, lacks the character of the old one.

Don't get me wrong, it's a GREAT house. It has plenty of ticks in boxes. I'm just saying, it is very much a blank canvas in terms of style.
The walls are basic colours, the carpet is pretty non-descript, there are very little 'quirks'.
That will work in our favour, in the long run, but it's going to take a wee while for us to find the time and the money to really put our thumbprint on the place.

We are constantly coming up with ideas, and making lists of little things we want to do (once the essential, boring, jobs are done.. window frames painted, roof cleaned and painted..). It's both ridiculously exciting, and crazy scary at the same time! So grown up! I had planned to save money for more tattoos this year but, instead, I'll probably spend that money on redecorating my (pink?!) kitchen!

The kids are settling in, slowly. It has been a bit of a process, for Otto especially. We've had plenty of tears, and plenty of VERY long days and nights. That boy really doesn't do big changes well. Poor guy. Luckily he has started kindy, finally, this week and is not stuck at home with Mol and I full-time. It is making a huge difference to his attitude, and mine.

Phew, we had a real whirlwind of a month in March - and I'm looking forward to getting back into some sort of routine now. Part of that routine will mean spending a little more time in this part of the world, and also returning to the sewing machine. I'm very excited about both!


  1. Yay!!! Great to see you all settled in and have a gander at your newly decorated home, it looks LOVELY!!! WIll have to come down and visit one day x

    p.s. don't think I didn't notice baby G on your fridge - awwwwww!!! Lovely!!

  2. So happy to see you all settled in and happy! Your home looks just lovely.. x

  3. Welcome to your new home. It looks like it has huge potential to be very special. I know how you feel about missing a rental though. We moved from a very quirky and spacious villa basement to a 1980s house last year. I still yearn for the old place but feel very proud to be a homeowner too.

  4. such awesome news !! go you guys !! the thing i like on the fridge is the quote 'comparision is the thief of joy' so true, i love that ...

  5. Looking great R. Happy memories to be made. Jxx

  6. I love your cabinet with the Crown Lynn treasures. I'm a Crown Lynn collector ;-) Your new home looks lovely. Happy settling in x

  7. Can't wait to see more!! (or, in real life!)
    Pleased to hear you're all settling in/down.


  8. Your new home may not have the character you want but you are sure adding personality to it with all your delightful belongings.

  9. Hey lovely :)
    I like it when you're back in this space!
    Your house is FAB. I'm totes jealous.

  10. pleased to see you back, I would love to have your fire place in our home - it's sooo awesome, and the deer fire guard fits the piece. just beautiful.