Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Tiny Little Bloggers Conference.

I'm sure you've all heard - there was a 'bloggers conference' in the weekend. What you didn't hear was that there was actually TWO meet-ups of cool NZ bloggers.
One group had 60+ people, fancy dinners, workshops, craft fairs, name tags etc.
The other had just two bloggers, but also 8 kids, 2 husbands, delicious lunch, and lovely chit-chit. Just as cool, right?

Us Larsens were in Hamilton last weekend, for Mol's BFF's 1st birthday party, so Dee and I decided we'd have our own wee meet-up. We've hung out before, so things weren't awkward and there were no major nerves as we drove up the drive, just excitement. I didn't panic about what to wear, and (I hope) Dee didn't panic and spend all morning tidying her house (though it was lovely and tidy..)

Dee is pretty much the hostess with the mostess. She plays by 'country rules' and not only is her home incredibly welcoming, but she puts on a wonderful spread. We had home baked rolls (I might need that recipe, actually!), a massive big chocolate cake, a pie that looked like something straight out a Jamie Oliver cookbook.. the woman is amazing!

It was so neat to see our kids hanging out together - I barely saw Otto (hence the lack of photos) and Aesop had the time of his life shooting wooden guns and demolishing the old treehouse. (Perhaps he IS an outdoorsy child afterall?) Mollie and, the very delicious, Sawyer played alongside each other nicely and the menfolk chatted about music and jobs, and other things that menfolk chat about. Dee loaded me up with fabric, fruit from the garden and vintage utensils (goodie bags at this conference, too! Well, for me..).
It was a truly pleasant afternoon.

I left the Rolston home feeling so inspired, and so thankful for our friendship.
It's weird this old blogging business - it has allowed me to form strong friendships with so many wonderful ladies around the country, friendships that are real and true (often more so than those I have in 'real life'!) and offer so much support and comfort to me. I know, gush, but seriously - I love me some blogging ladies. I might even attend the 'real' conference next time.. we'll see!


  1. Cool! Invite me next time (please!).. I'd love to hang with youse fullas.. I guess that would be TOO many kids though...!

  2. I love that photo of you and Dee! Such pretty ladies! This looks like it was the bestest time. I think the rest of us are feeling pretty envious right now!

  3. I think your guys 'conference' will be the envy of all ;)

  4. Looks SO fun! Love me some bloggin' ladies too!!!!

  5. yip I agree with Stella, pretty envious here!

  6. aww, what a sweet post.
    it was such a lovely afternoon. LOVED it.
    you're welcome anytime, Larsens x