Friday, April 5, 2013

Mollie's Chair - 11 months (a catch up..)

11 Months

ss Mollie celebrated 11 months last month. ELEVEN!
Do you know what that means? My tiny one will be 12 months old this month. Holy schmoley. Not so tiny anymore!

Mols is making leaps and bounds in her development at the moment. She is sleeping well (touch wood), eating like a champ, moving around the place at a great rate and starting to build a wee vocab.
(So far we have: Brubba (brother), nyum, ta, seeya, hello and bath.)
My favourite is the way she now says 'Mwah!' and leans in for a kiss. My heart melts everytime. Also ridiculously cute is how she pretends to eat the plastic fruit in the toy kitchen - loudly saying 'nyum nyum!' and making biting noises.
She's such a sweetie.

As much as I wish she would just stay little, I must confess that I am looking forward to her toddling around - for purely selfish reasons, it's very hard to crawl in a sweet little vintage dress.. heh. I'm sure it will happen all too soon!

(Oh, that wispy, downy little head! I love it so.)