Friday, April 12, 2013

Curvy Style Friday.

My lovely friend, Stella, has started something beautiful. (Actually, as most of you know, everything Stella does is beautiful..) Stella has started 'Curvy Style Friday', an extension of Wardrobe Wednesday where she not only wears super cute clothes, but celebrates her curves at the same time! Sa-weet!

Soo.. my photos are not half as fabulous as Stellas, but I certainly have a shapely body to flaunt - so here I am!

I haven't been having a great relationship with my curves lately. Or with anything, much. I'm in a funk!
I've been struggling to lose some weight since having Mol and I seem to be fighting a losing battle.. a kilo off here.. two on here.. and I'm still the same weight I was two weeks after giving birth. Bummer.
I'm hoping that, along with upping the exercise and cutting back on the food, taking the odd outfit picture might help bring my self esteem (and mood) back up again.
Also hoping the three handfuls of supplements a day will help to restore some health to my body. Healthy body + happy mind = ideal. We'll this space!

Flats - The Warehouse
Skirt- Salvation Army
Belt - Kmart
Singlet - Glassons (online)
Cardi - Salvation Army

A funny aside; When I walked out wearing this outfit the other day, Otto looked at me a bit funny.
'What is that on your lips, Mum?'
'Lipgloss! Does it look nice?'
'Ummm, not really. It looks pretty weird. Does it hurt?'

Safe to say I don't wear make up very often! Hah!


  1. you're beautiful Rhiannon!! Hope you feel it too :) xx

  2. you always manage to rock your outfits...i'm too scared to wear a skirt/dress!

  3. You are freakin super cute. I love the skirt.
    And I (unusually) wore red lippy today too!

  4. You suit curves Rhiannon, you're gorgeous. And have rockin style man.

  5. Your photos are just as super awesome as Stella's - really. Funny about the lip gloss. In a similar way Lala burst out crying when I dyed my hair and then went to pick her up from Kindy!

  6. You are such a hottie!!!! In the blur that was BlogCon, I so nearly missed this post, which would have been DUMB!!!! Don't be hating on yourself R, you are sooooo totally gorgeous, and now you have photos to prove it! xx