Friday, April 19, 2013

Foxy birthday suit!

Our little friend, who celebrated her 1st birthday this past weekend, has a Mama that is fond of foxes. She's a big fan.
So, when Deb kindly sent me a stunning piece of fabric covered in foxes, I knew that I would end up making something for Maggie (or, rather, for her Mum Katie to put her in!).
While I was planning out the wee birthday suit (not that kind of birthday suit... rather a birthday outfit..), I realised that actually Mollie might just need one, too.
Mollie and Maggie live in different towns - so it's not so nerdy, right? Not too matchy-matchy? I must confess I do secretly want to see them both together in their foxy get-ups though...

I thought of making a dress, but these crawling little ladies are not so fussed on dresses - they get in the way. So I settled on peasant style smocks and handy dandy, super comfy, leggings. Lovely. The leggings are a touch big so hoping the knee patches might actually be on the knee in a month or so. Heh.

I'm quite sure that Katie and Maggie liked the outfit, and even Mollie gave it the a-okay. Win!
Happy birthday, Mags!


  1. You know my feelings about this outfit. Divinity.

  2. I more than liked it, I freakin' LOVED it!! I want one in my size. For reals. And we absolutely need to get a photo of them together. Foxie Nerdcore!

  3. I'd love one in my size too! But probably just for lounging about at home in. Thanks for my parcel and the wee little extra too! You are sweet!

  4. so awesome! you're a genius.
    also, I'm a huge Pat Hutchins fan...i love her illustrations!

  5. Just a lurker normally - but that little fox suit is gorgeous! Would love one in my size!