Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm still here.

I'm here. And I'm busy but happy.
Those aren't the reasons I've been quiet, not really.
Every now and then, someone in my 'real life' will make a comment about something they have read on my blog. I'm not talking friends and family, I'm talking friends of friends or random shop people. It throws me everytime. I start to thinking about why I blog, and who I blog for. And how much information about my life I really want people to know.
For some reason it's different to think about people around the country, and further afield, getting a glimpse of our lives. It's is a lot creepier when I walk down the street and realise that everyone I walk past might know that my baby doesn't sleep/ that it was my kids birthday last week/ that I wore a purple dress yesterday. Once, when I was working in a kitchenware store, a customer came in and we were chatting about how she was here on holiday from Wellington. Then she said ' You're Rhiannon, aye? I recognise you from your blog!'. Um, I didn't even know what to say. I didn't blog for weeks after that.
I guess I could do what some others do, and not get so personal on here, less pictures of my kids and less talk about our lives - keep it crafty. But I'm not sure that is the purpose of blogging for me. I blog mostly for myself. A sort of open journal, if you will. I love the glimpses of other people's lives that I get through their blogs and I want to give others the same joy I get. Maybe the fact that this means it's possible the Plunket nurse already knows how we're doing before seeing us, is just collateral damage?
I'm going to sit it out for a few more days and see how I feel. How do the rest of you cope with this issue?


  1. I went through a similar thing, minus the comments from random strangers. I decided that I would hold back on the personal stuff, for my families sake, but I still post lots of pics, and have the occasional overshare. I feel better having stepped back a bit, even if my readers have lost a bit of interest.

    But then again, I think it's best to write the blog YOU want to write - which might mean putting up with the fact that people will recognise you/know lots about you... If you change things because you think you should, you might not enjoy it so much..

    Hope that was vaguely helpful! Love your blog, and you x

  2. I personally haven't really had to deal with this issue (comments from random strangers etc) as clearly I'm not anywhere near as 'famous' as you and Stella (he he!)But I can totally see why it would take you back a bit. I love hearing little tid-bits of others lives through blogs, especially other Mums as it makes me feel 'normal' and connected in some way. Whatever you choose to do though I will continue to follow you even just for a glimpse at your crafty genius.

    This post has also got me thinking about how I deal with others... I read yours, Stella's, Dee's and Kristin's blogs for a year or so before I decided to start my own and if I'd have seen one of you in the street I may well have said.."Hey, I know you from your blog..." etc... so it's probably just as well our paths haven't passed in real life so far, or I could have been one of those stalkerish strangers! (I promise I'm not really like that!)

  3. A couple of other bloggers have introduced themselves to me and man talk about turning me into a shy babbling fool! I write but I never think about people actully reading it! The thing that threw me was when my dad said he reads my blog every day and I need to blog more often! He's dying for the baby to be born so he can read all about her!

  4. For me, I don't like to share too much, I don't feel the need. It's not why I blog, probably makes for a pretty boring blog though! I don't like the idea of people know my kids, just cause I blog. If I'd seen you in real life I probably wouldn't even say hello (too embarrassed), I saw Stella at the Auckland art and craft fair and didn't go up to say hello! I'm sure there is a happy medium and it's about finding what suits you - don't give up - I'd miss you so!

  5. That's the reason I havn't made a blog, ive been tempted...but asked the question why? Is it really for myself, if so...why can't I just upload pics to a private blog or make a scrap journal of our days...Its lovely being able to get a glimpse of other's lives, and I love reading other mums blogs and crafty adventures...but I sometimes wonder if its just done for abit of glory and recognition, the very thing you obviously don't like about blogging. I wonder if some people do it to be 'liked' or feel like abit of a celebrity;)

  6. P.s I didn't mean that personally towards you Rhiannon, I think that regarding myself and wonder if others blog because of this reason. (-:

  7. I ,for one, am totally glad you blog like you do, I feel like I am close to you guys, even though we live so far away. So thank you so much for that. I agree, I think you should write your blog the way you want to, that is absolutely what it is all about.
    I LOVE your blog, and feel privileged that you share like you do.
    Keep being you !!! The worlds a better place for it.

  8. I enjoy your blog. I don't think you give away too much. I like reading it and going "Oh yeah! That's right!" and remembering all the cool things we did.

    Your style is to be open and honest and that's why people come back to your blog. They make a connection with you because you don't pull any punches. I don't see the point of holding back. So the dentist knows you bought three dresses from Sallies last week - no shame in the game.

    Personally, I think there is a bigger issue here: Feeling isolated from the people you care about. It's that ol' what the Whakatane am I doing in this town? You'll get over it.

    Lunch you.

  9. i don'
    t have enough readers for it to be a problem! hehe

  10. I love your blog. I've loved it since it was 'toast and cupcakes' - WOAH! You are ace. I also love your hubby's comments - he is ace too :)

    ps. To answer your question, I'm kinda with Louana, not too many pics of the kids on my blog as you know, more about the craft, but I don't mind sharing pics/thoughts that are my own. Now that the baby bump is gone and I'm out of my yoga pants, I'm itching to share some more wardrobe pics.

    pps. love love love your blog.