Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mollie's Chair : 7 Months

7 Months

Another month has flown by already. Scary how that happens.
Mol is growing and learning in leaps and bounds - learning to move and pull herself up, learning to make different noises (usually roaring and farting noises, her brothers influence?)
and exploring and discovering the world around her. Every day her personality seems to shine through a bit more, and we are reassured that she is just as nutty as the rest of us. Hah.
Still no teeth, no interest in beginning to eat ... and no improvement in her sleep. But we'll get there.

We've started going to Mainly Music and Mollie is LOVING it. She gets down like the best of them, clapping her hands and wriggly her hips.Wonder if she will be musical like her clever Dad?  
She is also lapping up being outdoors a lot more. We spend quite a bit of time on the back lawn sorting pegs and watching the big boys play. She's going to adore the swing she's getting for Xmas, and the paddling pool when the weather is warmer.

Oh Mollie, I love you so. I say it every month, but please, please slow down and stay little just a bit longer. Please?

Yes, that is a 70's gingham pantsuit. With flared pants. In buttercup yellow. Mhmm!


  1. outfit, kid, gummy smile = melt!!!

  2. Love that gummy smile - so precious! She is looking terrific. I heart babies!!
    Arlo got 2 teeth about a month ago - sharp and terrifying around my boobs!
    All kids are so different in when they do stuff - but it all pans out in the long run!

  3. Oh my gosh, pant suit!! She is too too adorable...slow down baby girl! We are getting Maggie a swing for Xmas too - great minds eh?

  4. so cute and adore that pantsuit. Are you up to a shorts order, having seen the ones you made Eleanor would love some for my boys

  5. They do keep growing dont they!!

    Paddling pools! YUSS! You just reminded me of summer! It will be time to blow up our birth pool again hehee ;)


  6. Gah! 7 months?! Our babies really do need to hang soon before they're not really babies!!

  7. She is super cute and im not just saying that. If I had a girl like this, I'd be super stoked x