Friday, November 23, 2012

A baby girls room.

I love that  Mollie's room is finally coming together.
Up until recently it has been choc-a-block full of piles of clothing to sort, baby gear to return and random bric-a-brac. I've been working my way through the things, a box here and a box there. I'd love to say it's all gone to new homes, but I've actually just got it down enough to fit the rest in the cupboard! Whoops!

Mols has been sleeping in her cot in the evenings lately, too. Amazing! She is slowly (verrrry slowly) beginning to despise her bed less and less, occasionally even agreeing to lie down without a boo in her mouth! This might not seem like a biggy, but to someone who usually has to bend over the cot like a gymnast and slip the boob out of her mouth when she is asleep enough not to notice? HUGE step!

I haven't changed too much about the room since Otto was in it. We kept the jungle curtains and cot bumper, and continued with the 'bright pops of colour' theme. Just a few wee girly touches are starting to creep in - the dresses on the closet door, a doll amongst the teddies, a little purple mirror, and so on. I have no doubt the girliness will just increase from now on though, I'm not fooling anyone. Haha. I do hope to avoid being overrun by glitter though.. remind me of that in a year or two!

My absolute favourite parts of the room are the yo-yo quilt I spend a (very) long year making around the time Otto arrived, the amazing stuffed elephant I found at the op shop last year, my Cloud of Birds softie (the guy in the top set of pictures, with the rabbit ears and embroidered body), the vintage Fisher Price record player we bought when I was pregnant with Aesop, and the piles of bedding. There's something about blankets and quilts all piled up.
There's something about babies' rooms in general, actually. How on earth am I going to cope with getting rid of this stuff when my babies are all grown? Yikes, it doesn't bear thinking about!

(I took these photos to practise using the manual function on my camera - the lighting is terrible in Mollie's little room, so it was a good challenge. Still a bit of practicing to do though!)


  1. We have that same record player from when R was a baby. His mum saved it and all the records all these years and now E loves it! Lovely little babe-space.

  2. A fun kiddo space! Now I'm thinking of things for my girls room that I forgot! Hanging up vintage dresses is a must of course! Jus be careful that quilt on the top shelf doesn't fade in the light, that would be horrible!

  3. YES the suffolk quilt caught my eye toooooo

  4. Love how her room looks cosy and personal, love how you love colour too:) real personality in there Rihannon! x