Sunday, November 25, 2012

A backyard barbeque.

A few of our goals this Summer include spending more time outdoors, and nourishing friendships with certain people we really enjoy. Hosting backyard bbqs are pretty much the perfect way to do both, so we're starting early!

Bunting, gazebo, flowers in a Agee jar, music, cute new blackboard table, smoochy couple shot - check.

Food - including sausages, meat patties, crash hot potatoes, roast pumpkin and chickpea salad, lamb chops, coleslaw, bread, green salad, chocolate ghana peppermint cupcakes and strawbery cloud cake.

The kids played touch, hung out in the tent and watched a Dvd. The brazier was roaring, the music was playing and I hear, while I was putting Mol to bed, there were even sparklers!
The company was perfect, the feijoa cider was delicious and all was lovely.

Such a brilliant evening. Here's to many more like it!


  1. Perfectly perfect
    I love entertaining also
    I seriously need to make myself some bunting

    A parcel fabric will be couriered to you this week x

  2. loving your photo skills!
    evening looks perfect

  3. Yay you made the cake! Love the pix - really is so much fun. this time of the year is so good - before it gets too unpleasantly hot and mosquito-ish!
    We've had our fist bbqs too!
    LOVE that cardy! Drool!

    Got some stuff for you too - PM your addy to me!

  4. Wow, it looks so delightfully summery!! And that cake !!! Yum. Wish we could be closer to do bar-b-que things with you guys too. By the way your photo's are great.