Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dressed to, erm, thrift.

I have a terrible habit at the moment (probably more than one, but for the purpose of this blogpost, let's just say it's one..), and that habit is buying dresses that noone in my house fits.

The number of dresses I have bought recently that are too small for me, and too big for Mollie, is quite ridiculous. I mean, sure, Mollie with grow into hers but there is no guarantee she will let me dictate what she wears at three, four five.. and I miiiight lose weight and fit into mine, but that would involve a little effort on my part, and who has the energy for that?!
At this rate I could almost open some sort of online vintage store, but then again, if I had that much energy I might fit the dresses. Haha. Such a catch 22.
In the meantime, they sure are pretty to hang in the closet and daydream about wearing..

These are the dresses added to the collection this week:

One for me, a fifties silk frock that is so close to fitting it almost hurts.
Put down the cupcake, Rhiannon. Honestly!

And these two for Mollie aged maybe 4?

This one is for Mollie too, but how cute does it look on Iron man? I especially love it with the dino socks - such a fashionable superhero! Cutie-patootie!


  1. Hehe, I do the same thing....Iron Man looks gorgeous! Jxx

  2. So cute. I have discovered that I can bribe annie to wear almost anything if I stick a pink flower brooch on it.

  3. OH ME OH MY that top one is super adorable - wishing it is size 12 .. .. ..