Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Craft Country, here we come!

This is where I have been. Stuck behind a sewing machine!
The Craft Country market is this weekend, and I will be there. I'll be there with all this stuff, and more!
I have had so many moments in the past few weeks where I have thought I might pull out, where I decided that I must be mental thinking I could muster enough stuff for a stall - but I got there. Proud as punch.
(I still feel like I have both too much AND not enough at the same time though. How does that work?)
So yes, if you happen to be near Greytown this Saturday from 10-3, pop into the library and have a nosy! It would be wonderful to see you, and I pinky promise I won't even freak out if you introduce yourself as a reader of my blog!
Failing that, I'll hopefully get my Felt shop re-stocked and open again as soon after Christmas as possible.

Thanks to everyone who has offered me words of encouragement, and even more thanks to those who have helped me in other ways to get ready for this market. Turns out I'm not superwoman - trying to look after three young kids, run a household annnnnd sew fulltime just doesn't happen easily. I'm well looking forward to a wee, well deserved, break. I'm excited about how things are going though, I have a feeling next year will be a big year for Croutons. Eep!


  1. Looks flippin' amazing mate! I know that I would be spending all my Christmas pennies at your stall, if I could! Good luck! (not that you need it)

  2. WOWsa!!!! You're, like, a super-hero mumma/artist!
    Seriously, how do you do it!? Everything looks professional and totally 'want-worthy'
    Where do you get your'e labels printed (paper)? And where do you get your label-brand-tag-thingies for your'e clothes printed?
    Saskia x

  3. Cant' wait to see you R. I'm eyeing up one of the those rosette pins ~ gorgeous. Jxx

  4. You are a rock star! I am kinda secretly hoping there's something left for the felt shop, I want some crouton's goodness for myself!! I'm sure you'll do GREAT at the market, can't wait to hear! xo

  5. You may not think you're superwoman but you certainly sew like one! I have GOT to buy one of those gorgeous dresses next year! Totally bummed I can't make it over the hill for Craft Country but I think Daves wallet might be grateful I'm too pregnant to travel. I'd buy half your stall! Shorts! Camels! Gah!!

  6. I'd say good luck but I don't think you'd need it! LOVE your stuff and I bet it zooms off the rack! Don't forget to take a pic of your set up! xxx

  7. WOW I'm in love with those bottom shorts
    I want them in my shape size and figure
    I'd be spending my husbands bonus $$'s at your shop that is for sure!

  8. Arrrrgh I was there last weekend! Poo stink! Man I wana cut a mental image of your amazing array of diliciousness and stick it on my forehead! Muwha. Missed you

  9. Love you craft work - just found your blog :)

  10. I am in LOVE with the bottom pair of shorts. LOVE I TELL YOU. I shall be stalking your shop and if I can't find them then I will be knocking down your (virtual) door hoping you could make me a pair for my little miss...fingers crossed. LOVE your work and your blog!