Friday, December 21, 2012

Goals and list update.

Quite a few months ago, Aesop started a savings chart.
He was determined to get his very own Ipod touch, so I suggested that perhaps we could go halvsies. We paid him for doing extra jobs (no money for his usual chores, trying to teach him that there are some jobs we just need to go as part of a household..) and didn't allow him to use money he already had, or birthday money etc. This would mean that he truly earned the gadget.

The clever boy reached his target last week, so as of Tuesday, he has been enjoying exploring his new technology. He has been writing lists of apps he wants and songs he'd like me to download (Gangnam Style? Seriously?). He is learning the limits of how much time he can spend on it each day (I need to learn those limits myself.. hmm..) and the benefits of sharing with Otto.

I won't lie, it was a mission to get him to the top of that chart. I couldn't believe how frustrating it was he turned down job after job, but still wanted to get money. The number of times I reminded him that 'it's not called work for nothing..!' But I'm pretty proud of him (and me!) sticking at in. Not sure I could have saved that much as a kid!

As for my own goals (that I started back in September), I'm not being quite as successful:

1. Make myself some undies.
2. Make soy ice cream. - Done! Semi successfully..
3. Buy a Diva/menstrual cup.
4. Go on a train.
5. See a roller derby game/match/bout.
6. Sew a 'Crepe' dress.
7. Host a games night.
8. Plant Ottos placenta.
9. Get rid of 1000 things (TradeMe/donate/rubbish)
10. Make 200 sales on Felt (88 to go!)
11. Do a market stall. - Done!
12. Visit a farm.
13. Visit Rainbow Springs or Paradise Valley.
14. Change our bedroom curtains.- Done!
15. Get a(nother) tattoo.
16. Take a road trip.- Done!
17. Go camping.
18. Take a photography course.
19. Plant a Summer garden. - Yup!
20. Complete Playcentre course 2.
21. Get a bra fitting.
22. Learn to crochet granny squares.
23. Have another blogger meet-up.
24. Find an exercise routine.
25. Sew something for each of my family members.
26. Make sushi and miso.
27. Buy some decent boots.
28. Be kind to myself.

Yikes, got a big job ahead of me next year!


  1. LOVE your list what a great great list and am VERY proud of your wee man!
    THAT my dear blogging friend is EXACTLY how I am going to get Mr 7 to work towards his ipod touch he so wants! Brilliant!

  2. well done Aesop :) and you know research shows children learning to delay gratification (like by saving) sets them up for all sorts of successes later in life. wish I could to it.....