Friday, December 21, 2012

A wardrobe snippet.

My dear friend, Amy, sent me a big box of goodies for Christmas. So lovely of her.
In that big box was a million vintage dresses and things for Mollie, handmade bibs in vintage fabric, kids books, a Dear Colleen tote (I've got the skill to pay the bills!) annnnnd this beautiful dress.
It fits like a glove, is super dooper pretty and I pretty much love it. I plan to wear it on Christmas day.
Thanks twinny!

Dress - Gift from Amy
Cute baby - Allllll mine

(And it's too hot to wear much else!)


  1. Nana dresses/Vintage dresses ROCK that is super dooper pretty
    I am, however, also eyeing up the china cabbie behind you
    And squeeing over your gorgeous gorgeous baby!

  2. That dress is amazing - I am jealous. Lucky lady! PS. love that babe

  3. Woah! That dress is stunning! You have quite the collection of gorgeous dresses.

  4. LOVE the pretty dress! I can't go past a floral vintage dress myself, and they are getting so hard to find.

  5. fabulous dress and perfect for xmas day, hope your whanau has a lovely day and holiday away

  6. you look fab, as usual! i'm not quite brave enough to put up any wardrobe pics post baby - I must get over it and just do it! takes a while to get the groove back, i'm finding myself in a lot of black...

  7. Yay it fits so well! And I have one in the same pattern but different colour. I want to see pics of Mollie in some of her outfits now! Love you xx

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