Saturday, October 27, 2012

More mail love (and Mollie modelling quilts.)

How adorable is this quilt Mollie is lying on? Seriously?
A wee while ago, the lovely Deb emailled me asking if perhaps I might want to do a bit of a swap with her - some Summer clothes for her Annie, in return for a quilt for my Mollie. I don't think I even took a breath before hitting 'reply' and typing in YES. Yes, please!
We set a date for the end of October, but I'm lagging a bit on my half (broken sewing machine = delays!) so I wasn't expecting to get the quilt until I was done.
Deb messaged me and said 'It's done! I want to sent it!' and send it she did!
I was very, very excited to get home a few days later and find a big parcel on my front step. But, even more exciting (and slightly confusing), was that there were TWO big parcels there, both from Deb?! I wondered for a quick minute if perhaps she had accidentally sent me someone elses parcel too? (Sounds like something I would do..)
I took them inside and tore into the smaller one - it was Mollie's quilt and it was even more beautiful than it looked in the pictures I had seen. The colours, the fabric.. so lovely!
I opened the second postbag and out fell the most stunning (queen size!) quilt. I had seen it on Deb's blog, where she had said she was gifting it to a friend.. and I realised that friend was little ole ME! I still cannot believe the generosity. It is the most perfect quilt ever.

It is the exact colour of my new curtains, the blues match the vintage dresses on my wall and we even have a stag on our fireguard to match the deer fabric she used! These photos really don't do it justice at all. ( I recommend going to look at it over on Deb's page.. everything she makes is lovely.)

Deb, thank you so much. I ADORE both of them. Thanks for being amazing.
(and the fabric you sent too.. ohhh yes. That is another blog post!)


  1. I love that first pic of Mollie! So cheeky and looking so grown up, when did that happen? What beautiful treasures from Deb! Isn't she wonderful!

  2. Holy moly!!!! Far out, you lucky fellas!!

  3. Scrumptious baby, and quilts! Deb is such a lovely human, isn't she?! p.s. love Mollie's vest!

  4. Cute cute cute! Mollie, that vest, the quilt! Lucky you! :)

  5. Wow!! the quilts are just BEAUTIFUL!! and so is Mollie!!! (and Deb of course too)

  6. Ah Deb's a star isn't she. Such a kind and generous soul, with a great eye for fabric and colour- love her!

  7. *blush gosh you guys, such sweet comments! I'm so so happy to see these quilts in their new home. They look like they fit right in there!

  8. Oh I was swooning over these quilts on instagram as Deb was making them! Perfectly perfect xxx